JA-37 should get split countermeasures

Hey yall!

I noticed that in the latest dataleaks that there were splits to countermeasures added, i assume that this means we’re going to be able to choose either or both to pop. This is a great change, but i noticed the JA-37 with its KB pods aren’t on the list although they should be. You can read that at the last section in this formerly classified document, under “motmedel”.

On Page 93 it details the different “commands” that can be given to the countermeasures pod, which include different speeds of drop, but also crucially that you can select if you want chaff or flares.

If i posted this in the wrong forum, i apologize and ask that you point me to the right one!

Its a dev server, they’re still adding it to more and more vehicles.

The datamines are not a final list of which vehicles are getting it.

Oh no, of course not, I’m just pointing it out (with the data) so that they know that it too had that ability, if they didn’t know before. The details of how the pod works weren’t in the original flight manuals, but was added a few years later, so unless they checked the updated one they wouldn’t see it.

Pretty sure they’re just adding it to every plane with flares+chaff, regardless of real life capability.