J7E shouldn't be at 11.0

At 11.0,J7E always be uptired to fight with 12.0 airforce.Since the PL5B is not an omnidirectional projectile, it has little counterattack ability in games of the same or higher level game.I strongly recommend either beefing up J7E’s weapons or drastically reducing his chances of being matched to the superior room.This will definitely improve the gameplay experience.

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The thing is if it’s dropped down to 10.7 it would just club everything. It’s perfectly fine at 11.0 and it doesn’t need to be the meta pick.

You just need to change your tactics in order to best utilise your plane and missiles - except when you meet a F-16 in which case force a pilot error or you are just boned.


Its fine how it is at 11.0.

What about those all aspect pl5?

4 all-aspect PL-5 only (PL-5C, PL-5E, PL-5E II & PL-5DE)

What if it would get the pl-5C

Then it can fight uptiers a bit better.
But all aspect missiles are still well easy to flare, so wouldnt change too much.

And it only has 4.

It’s one of the best 11.0s? So the better mig21bis should be a lower br because it doesn’t have all aspects despite pl-5s being one of the best missiles at that br?

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