J11A wrong characteristics

it is a J11A MLU which is much more efficient than the SU 27 SM there are bug reports with supporting photos and documents, the J11A MLU has a better RWR “L-150” a MAW system, the radar N001VE and it has weapons like Kh-29 and guide bombs.


I haven’t really seen anything pointing it to be better than the SM, one of the sources I’ve submitted with my radar bug report says that it was upgraded to match the SM standard. SM uses the N001V/VE/VEP, which should be the same radar as the J-11A MLU. The sources on this aren’t great tbh, one claims that the J11 was originally delivered with a N001E before being upgraded to the N001P as the J11A, but the N001P doesn’t seem to exist? Another source says that Phazotron claimed that a software update is all that the J-11A needed to lock 4 targets at once, which would indicate that it was in fact fitted with the N001VEP, but the Su-27SM modelled right now can only guide 2.

What I’m trying to get at is that the closest statement I have from sources is that the J-11A was upgraded to the Su-27SKM/SM standard, and anything beyond that is just a big fat ???

Currently I have a bug report to get the radar changed to the N001VE since one thing we do know is that the radar was definitely upgraded from the J-11 to the N001V or VE standard (E stands for export), but any further development? No one really knows until we get to the J-11B which uses a domestic radar, and even then we don’t know which model it really uses. Some sources say Type 1474 while others say Type 1493, so who really knows.

and what about bombs etc.?