J-8F should get anti-interference IR missiles and stock all-aspect IR missiles

Python 3 in-game does not use anti-interference.

There is a Python 4 in the files which uses two different methods of anti-interference. But this Python 4 was never sold to China.

I know that china never bought python 4, but given the developers would not even give j11A PL12 or guided bombs, I really doubt the quaternary IR seekers will come out. I was saying that it’s more likely to be another copy and paste. J11a is literally already Ctrl C + Ctrl V

It is claimed that J-11B is what used PL-12 no?

J11A MLU has document evidence but no photo evidence of being able to use PL-12 so it is up to Gaijin to add or not.

Yeah, but given that it has near 0 difference to J11, and even the stupid model is exactly Ctrl C + Ctrl V. I personally actually have only seen J11A with R77, but some claims that the MLU version in the 2010s are able to fire PL12, and that it is the MLU version even in the trailer, due to the MAWS.
Screenshot 2024-06-10 081031

It seems PL-12 has another bug or something, it’s track ability in low altituade is not as good as other ARH missiles

Its weird how PL12 has so much attention just for J8F, since it will still be quite little play as most will opt for F16 or JH7A.

What I saw in Chinese-speaking community is “If Gaijin make PL-12 so bad, the future of China Air TT will be ruined cause J-10, JF-17 and other China domestic planes will use it, it means we needs to use the worst ARH missile to fight with R-77-1 or anything more advance”
And Don’t forget it’s the only Chinese domestic ARH missile in game
I saw some suggestions said Gaijin could add a nerfed SD-10 to J-8F and give other planes SD-10A/PL-12 with it historicial data to make J-8F not too strong instead of not make PL-12’s data not matching the truth in a non-classfied news


According to Gaijin,

SD-10 = PL-12
SD-10A = PL-12A

It will make no sense to add SD-10 when PL-12 already exist.

Yeah, According to Gaijin

Do you have proof it is different?

yeah, but the SD-10A come out earlier than PL-12 get into service lol

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There’s no proof that the Pl-12 and Pl-12A are different besides possible minor sensor upgrades. Most sources never even talk about PL-12A, B, C or D variants because literally nothing is known. What IS known is that the SD-10A on AVIC’s website is identical to the claims of the Pl-12/SD-10; the mods smacked down the report because it is neuron activation of SD-10A != Pl-12, no thought or education on the subject matter was presented in the denial, just a knee jerk reaction.

Regardless, I don’t have time anymore to hunt down and try to prove them wrong (RIP full time work) so I will dump some of the screenshots of information I’ve collected thru Chinese sources for y’all to use:


Hope this helps anyone with more free time get this fixed.


With no limit on the number of Top BR jets 12.3↑ will fight more 13.0.
In such a match, all the J-8F, given only PL-12s, can do is fire its only two PL-12s from medium range and RTB .
Do not engage in combat with GEN 4 jet fighters. J-8F will be defeated by the IRCCM, not to mention their aircraft performance.
As an added bonus, the upcoming 13.0 jet will be equipped with MAWS. Oh J-8F, what happened to your MAWS that you had when you were in Dev? Any PL-8 that is released from behind will be prevented by the thing.
It is much stronger to stay at 11.7 without PL-12 than to be at BR12.3 in the next update with the current Dev performance.
If going to 12.3, then strengthening is a must.Sir

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PL-5E hasn’t IRCCM but would be a good addition nonetheless.
PL-5E-II has too strong of an IRCCM, being dual-band
PL-8A has a twin-element FoV gating seeker similar to the Magic 2 and R-73
PL-8B has quad-element seeker which upgrades IRCCM, unsure how much but likely too much
J-8F with PL-8A and PL-5E would likely be bumped up to 12.7 same as the ICE, but would probably perform better there than currently.

or switch pl-5b to pl-5c, and lower br to 12.0


I made one

Finally, some source that suggest J-8F still keeps the ability of using PL-11
@MiG_23M It seems J-8F still find some way to use PL-11

As it stands j8f is the only 12.3 without irccm capability.