J-11 Specification

No no i’m not asking about adding PL-9, PL-10, PL-12 and PL-15, i’m just giving gaijin heads up what missile that J-11 can bring considering rn they are still copy paste the J-11 in Dev server, also PL-8 is basically Phyton-3 in War thunder.


if can only choose one, will choose R73 but not PL8s, but if both of then can be take in J11, may take some PL8s
PS: Assuming that its PL8B but not PL8

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They said during the live that right now, J11 is a copy past of the Su27. The 3D model, FM model and probably loadout will change to match the J11. Keep a close look on datamine ;)


Not adding these is acceptable, let’s just take it as the first batch of J-11, which is literally local produced SU-27SK


How different is PL8 from PL8B?

J-11 cannot carry Chinese missiles. J-11 and J-11A can only carry russian made missiles as they are essentially Su-27SK with minor modifications. J-11B and later variants carry Chinese missiles.


I mean it wouldn’t be far off the AAM-3

with better guiding probe, just like AIM9L and AIM9M
by the way, the model we use in WT now of PL8 is acturlly PL8B

The appearance of PL8B and the performance of PL8A

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There is no evidence that Russia sold R27ER and R73 to China. China only imitated the Su27. The weapons mounted on the Chinese Su27 are R60M or PL5.

bruh, until J11B, Flanker can finally use chinese weapons, you means the chinese SU27SK, J11, J11A can only use Gsh30-1?


No one cares

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The J11 is approximately 500kg heavier from the datamine it seems

You said this missile was only available in the Late Model J11, which is now the original su-27sk.

Right, the first model must be the original, ah, those with Chinese weapons are the later models

Do you have evidence of that?


download (13)

download (14)

I mean, it would have been funny if China didn’t buy compatible weaponry. The 1st batch of J-11s were kits of Su-27SKs built in Russia and then assembled in China, they wouldn’t have worked with anything else. PL-8/PL-12 compatibility was built into J-11A onwards afaik.


What makes the j11 heavier? I heard it was a beefier landing gear. Sadly that’s a thing I never use when landing lmao.

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When China purchased the Su-27SK, it selected a unique turbine starter that is different from the standard Su-27 to adapt to the working environment of hypoxic starting and engine restarting at high altitudes in high mountain and plateau areas.


The J-11A was never equipped with the PL-12. At a later stage, it can carry R-77 series missiles. But in theory, the J-11A should also be able to carry Chinese missiles including PL-12 and PL-8. The PL-12 has the same guidance module as the R-77, and likely has a similar engine (given the striking similarity in size between the two). It may be easier to launch the PL-12 by deceiving the fire control system.
At least, China has launched these missiles on the Su-30 of the naval aviation.

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PL-8B uses a liquid nitrogen-cooled dual-band seeker, similar to the rose line used by R-73, and has basic anti-interference capabilities.