IZ (Izhorsk improvised armoured vehicle)

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During 1941, the invation was happening fast and the red army was suffering heavy losses and running out of tanks & armoured vehicles, so a resolution was put in place to begin manufacture of improvised vehicles. The Izhorsky plant mounted all sorts of guns on all sorts of trucks. One of the more popular type of improvised vehicle was the Zis 5 with limited traverse mount of a 45-mm anti-tank gun model 1937. The IZ truck had 6-10 mm of armour, 10mm on the front profile of the vehicle and 6 mm on the sides. Around a hundred of these IZ trucks are built and they served from 1941 and last seen in early 1943 in Leningrad.

Description & place in-game:

-The vehicle will be a fast SPG similar to the Italian Breda 501, The original weight of the ZIS 5 is 3 tons, the armour added on isnt that thick, so this adds about 200 kg. The 45mm mod 1937 gun weighs around 500 kg. So a total weigh of around 3.7-3.8 tons. The vehicle is powered by a 73 horse power engine, rear wheel drive and has a top speed of a whooping 60 km/h !

-The IZ can be played as a fast vehicle with a good gun, get into a good position and destroy enemies. IZ can also flank enimies and get away with good speed. Beware of close air support as this vehicle is open topped.

-The point of the suggestion is to add a fast armoured car in the soviet tech tree, as the tree lacks some fast low tier armoured cars, other tech trees have cars like the puma, damiler, greyhounds, autoblindas and etc . This vehicle can also be a substitude if you dont want to drive the slow SU 5-1. Although this vehicle is an improvised one, there are also other improvised vehicles in the game, ie the ZiS 30. Hopefully more improvised vehicles will be implemented in game. This vehicle can be put in the tank destroyer line and would give low tier USSR a fast moving and fun vehicle, it also looks quite quirky and is a forgotten piece of history, and hopefully War Thunder brings light to this unique vehicle.


Crew: 5 (driver, hull machine gunner, gunner, commander, loader)


Length: 6060 mm

Width: 2235mm (though not sure is it the flat bed or the truck itself)

Height: ?? mm

Weight: ~3.7-3.8 tons


Zis-5 with 73 HP, top speed: 60 km/h


45-mm anti-tank gun model 1937, same amunition & reload as the BT tanks.

The traverse seems to be around 15-20 degrees per side. +25 to -8 degrees vertical

1x MGs, 1 in the hull.


6-10 mm, 10mm front profile , 6mm side profile

pictures of the IZ





IZ with the gun removed


Front profile of IZ


IZ drawing from o5m6.de


IZ drawing from Tank encyclopedia

This was a vehicle that faded in the history and forgotten, so information is scarce on this vehicle. I did my best to dig for information. Thanks for reading.






+1 There was also a version with a 20mm ShVAK, which might make a good low-tier AA or something.



Would be a fun low-tier vehicle, and if we could have the 20mm ShVAK variant as well, that would be even better!


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