It's time to fix heavy bomber gameplay in air RB

And one more thing they need to fix on the B-17 is that IT IS FUCKING PAPER how can I fight in such a piece of SHIT

Ah, good ol’ Smigol.

Unfortunately that seems to be the goal of many heavy bomber players. Wanting to not participate in gameplay elements and be given free kills (as it was in 2013) seems to be their goal.

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Bombers should be given a higher health as my b29 gets its tail ripped off one tap by the jets which catch up so easily to my altitude.

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There is no such things as “health”,…

But i do agree Damage Model of Bombers should be revised accordingly to Fighter size:

Currently a bomber shares as much “wing areas” as does a Fighter (3 - inner-medium-tip).

But a fighter wingspan is about 3 to 8 meters long at best.

Meanwhile Medium to Heavy bombers have wings of 10 to 30 meters.

Obviously the damage you take on, let’s say Medium area of the wing, is accumulating damage over 3 to 10 meters of wing span, while the fighter only have 2 to 4 meters of wingspan being damaged.

And it’s far easier to focus one wing area on a bomber because of that.

Sadly thats realistic per the damage you sustain from aircraft cannons.

But they are loaded with the much heavier weight of the bomber plus a payload. Hence why the B-17’s wing just obliterates with a 3g+ turn. So aslong as you hit the wingspar in a specific section with enough damage it will remove the entire wing. People forget bombers are incredibly fragile compared to what movies show them to be. Irl a pilot flying after you will try and shoot you, but once their engine components (including oil/water/cooling) or fuel is hit they immediately disengage because the pilot wants to live. Meanwhile in war thunder you aim from 2km out and there aren’t major negatives to dying.

Now with the realistic situation of pilots, please remember you could have bombing formations of 1-300 take off and in the case of lets say 100 flew to the target, 60-70 of the bombers may not return in the worst flights with flak and fighter interception.

The thing is you are 1 bomber flying against 1 fighter. When originally it was box groupings of 8-10 or so using their gunnners to provide safety against 2-3 fighters. And still many would be shot down (masters of the air shows this fact very well).

(RAF Night Bombing tactics meant other than the darkness there wasn’t much you could do other than extreme maneuvers. But do remember the germans used short range night radar to zero in on Lancasters in the final attack distance).

I’m only talking of spreading the damage evenly between a fighter and a bomber,…

When you do hit the wing of a fighter with 2x.50’s from 1 spread, the fighter spread will hit 30 rounds from 1 spread.

Just because the module that is WING is 2 to 3 bigger than a fighter.

This is regardless the basic differences between a bomber and a fighter.
Speed // payloads
Maneuvrability // Defence systems(turret and armor)

In brief, in War Thunder Bomber are CLEARLY disavdvantaged from that Damage model differences.

I’m not asking to “increase HP bar”,… i’m saying that we need the similar length of wing modules.
(Which already is in favor of fighters, because a Bomber wing is larger and bigger than a fighter wing → higher surface amount being shown/hittable) → so at least, let’s got the same length of module, by increasing the modules in a bomber wing.

Could also add diversity in how a bomber will fall apart, then having better visuals of fights

More bases are needed I agree with that. I believe two approaches to this are necessary. Approach 1 keep the 4 bases in the center add two bases to each side far left and right and 1 base in each corner that will give 10 bases to bomb in total. Approach 2 keep approach 1 but get rid of the 4 bases in the center and add 1 base that is massive like 10 times the size of a normal base. This base will have a massive health bar. You get rewards by the amount and type of ordinance you use and if the big base gets destroyed then everyone involves gets a massive bonus depending on their part in taking out this base and if you win the match you get an even bigger bonus

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I would also argue just as how they have made bombing points not take away much from the points bar, they MUST do the same for ai targets.
It’s insane how as a bomber player you cannot affect the points bar massively (just like kills) so thats fair. But 1 person killing ai planes or tanks will knock apart the bar before you can land.

I just had a perfect B-24 match, I bombed 2 and 3/4 bases with my 8,000lbs. I had 75% activity because I am a bomber. And 5km from the rwy when I was rushing to land and rearm to get 100% sl and rp for bombing. An enemy spitfire destroyed tonnes of ai targets and I lost the match.

This is how much that match earned me. And please keep in mind it would be double if I HAD landed and rearmed.

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I agree with them keeping the mechanic that if you don’t land and rearm you only get 50% sl and rp for bombing.

But making it so that a small aircraft can obliterate the points board so you never get to land because of speed and flying differences is abit chronic.

They need to add more bases,
increase the timer back to 1 hr as it was for most of war thunders existance.
Make bases respawn after 30 seconds not 5 minutes. The 5 minute waiting time is what gets all bombers killed having to fly around waiting anxiously for fighters to turn up and kill you.

And like some people suggested, bring back airfields to bomb as giant targets, but make them respawnable like in enduring confrontation.

To balance this, bombers with small payloads or strike aircraft should get more sl and rp modifiers for bombing small or large bombing targets. Meanwhile larger bombers including future cold war strategic bombers should get sl and rp penalties for going after smaller bases, but get boosts for going after large respawnable airfields.

This would eliminate all issues with strike aircraft destroying bases bombers were spending 6-10 minutes flying too avoiding fighters whilst in formations, and having to wait another 5 minutes for them to respawn. If everyone has bases their specific types of aircraft can go for, plus they respawn quickly it should stop this predatory behaviour.

I agree for the current dynamic. If the ai targets were economy based that means that each base has resources that were used to deploy more ground vehicles and an ai runway that deployed air ai. Then by taking out these resources (via destroying the base and ai runway) increased the reward for taking out ai units. Since they become the priority. I also feel that when a base is destroyed after a few seconds another base pops up some where random on the map. Now to barrel down on your issue. The bases should be more rewarding but if you think about it the bases right now don’t do anything but those ground and air ai vehicles can do damage to the team. So it sort of makes since. With that being said its a lot more risky to take out a base so there should be extra reward for that

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Is this a new thing for AirRB?

I know it’s in Sim, but wasn’t aware of it being in AirRB.

If it is in AirRB it’s pretty ridiculous and only benefits fast bombers, especially those with air brakes.

I like landing the strategic heavy bombers (especially in cockpit view), but B-24s, PB4Ys, Me-264s, B-29s even (but that was a looong time ago) and more… it’s rare to be able to get back to the airfield in time to land before the match ends (like your example above).

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you have to keep in mind that these bases currently don’t do anything in game but the ai vehicles do. It doesn’t happen a lot but i have been in matches where the ai targets win the match for their respective sides. Now i would argue if the bases had a resource count where they put more ai vehicles into the match then yes they should be a lot more reward to destroy them. Yes i understand there’s a lot of risk going after bases but i feel like because of the higher presence of player based aircraft at lower altitudes its a lot more riskier to go after those ai targets. Things need to change though the current dynamic is rough boring and has no room for strategic plans. These matches need to change. There is so much of the maps that aren’t used because all the targets are in one spot.

It has been in air rb since around 2017/2018 when they changed things.
If I have a great match lets say in the Avro Shackleton, I get all bombs dropped and destroy many bases (flying around for 10minutes waiting for them to respawn), and I do not land. I only make around 20k sl. If I bomb and manage to land, rearm and takeoff I earn around about 40-45k ish. And this is with premium.