Italy B1 Centauro realistic engine sounds

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I would like to suggest a change in the sound of the engine of the Italian B1 Centauro tank destroyer currently implemented in the game.


The Centauro family uses the “IVECO 82626V turbocharged after cooler” diesel engine.
Source: B1 Centauro - Tank Encyclopedia

I made a small compilation of video clips which make it possible to listen to the real sound of the engine.

You can find the source videos in the video description and I will add the links here as well:
First clip - Second clip - Third clip - Fourth clip

Here is a quick video showcasing the current sound of the Centauro in game:

You can clearly hear that the real world sound of the engine is very heavy, thick and tractor-like. There is also a constant sound of the cooling fan which is audible both when idling and on the move.

I hope that this material can help the developers improve the sound of this vehicle since, right now, the sounds in the game are pretty different from its real counter part.


Looking forward to it)

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