It’s Fixed! №91

In this section, we will talk in more detail about the work on improvements and fixes in the game from the past two weeks. Thanks as always for your bug reports!

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, the tree decided to fly after it had been hit by a tank.

With sufficient acceleration, the tank made the trees forget about their mass and fly forward like blades of grass, and even spin around on their axis. It looked impressive, but it was too comical and, most importantly, unrealistic. So the reason for this behavior was identified and eliminated.

"Duck and Cover"

A plane with a nuclear bomb is approaching! The tankers continue the battle, and the pilots of all nearby aircraft fly to intercept to prevent an explosion... Or do they? Why is no one preparing for this most important event?

It turns out that the siren, designed to give a warning about the appearance of a bomber with a nuclear weapon on board, did not always work. How so? The person responsible for anti-nuclear safety was reprimanded, and the siren was put back into service and will no longer malfunction.

I shouldn't have exploded!

We've fixed a couple of cases where explosions hit tank crews when they shouldn't have.

The first case concerned the Challenger Mk.3 and Challenger DS tanks. The kinetic ammunition in the turret was not supposed to explode when hit, but time after time hits in the turret's cheeks disabled the tank.The second example relates to the T-90M. Its external explosion-proof fuel tanks should not cause damage to the crew when damaged, but due to a bug they did so.

One click less

We strive to make War Thunder more convenient in all possible situations. This time we paid attention to the vehicle purchase window.

What if you don't want to allocate a crew at that time? For example, if your purchase is only an intermediate link on the way to a truly desired technology. We have added the ability to purchase a vehicle without choosing a crew. This way, you can save yourself a click and move on to further purchases faster - you can return to the personnel issue later.

That's not all

You will find a complete list of improvements in a separate update log. Errors in the description of some armored vehicle modules have been corrected, the “spades” icon will no longer appear on vehicles for no reason, and the window for opening the Tool Box has become more beautiful.

All updates and their change-logs can be found here.


Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.


Leopard 2A4 , Leopard 2A5 , Leopard 2A6 , Leopard 2A7V , Strv 122A , Strv 122B PLSS , Strv 122B+ — a bug which caused the amount of shrapnel when penetrating the front of the hull to be low has been fixed

I KNEW IT. Finally a proof that it was a bug and not my skill. 2 years old report btw. I guess it german/sweden bias)



I wish this was shown when hovering the fuel tanks rather than having to hover over the UFP.


Gaijin please fix the F-16C LITENING II thermal pod bug. It has been many bug fixes and updates since this bug has been reported numerous times.