It is time to implement CVT for Type 10 and Hyperbar for Leclerc. The community has already even detailed how to do it!

You could argue that implementing these would be so hard, right?

Except it wouldn’t. Bug reports regarding these mechanics explain in detail how exactly to implement these:

Leclerc’s Hyperbar engine:

TLDR: increase the RPM per gear ratios and acceleration will increase accordingly.

Type 10’s CVT:

TLDR: increase engine power to 1,333hp (reporter explained mathematically why).

It is THAT simple to properly model these vehicles’ mobility. Why has it not been done yet? It should come this update. The whole main point of these vehicles is their mobility, yet it’s currently handicapped due to their implementation.


hope we see these soon even if the armor sucks would at least be able to play as a glorified light tank with good reloads.