Is this the worst game ever made?

Serious question.
Not trolling. I’ve been playing this game for several years. I honestly think it just may be a terrible game. I loved WoT before they changed it. I’ve earned the right to say it.


If you are aggrieved at how this game has gone then you must have loved playing it at some point and been as addicted as the rest of us right? It is a great game at its heart and I still believe, maybe naively that it will return to it’s happy days as a great game. This belief is the source of all my “negativity” on this forum.Work that one out.


Solution: don’t play it. Bye!!


hardly . … you just need to look around a bit


Play fallout 4 if you want years of self abuse.The Bethesda strap-on lol.
Makes Gaijin seem like the Salvation Army.


By no stretch, did you play Fallout 76 when it was first released, or no-man’s sky. It wouldn’t have 200k active players if it was bad. Maybe your just used to the Arcadeyness of WoT.


Over dramatic much? Calling it the worst game ever made is super dramatic. If that was the case it wouldn’t have the longevity that it has enjoyed for over a decade at this point. If you think it’s that bad leave, no one’s stopping you, we’re not holding you hostage.


Warthunder is a great game. I think you’re talking about the Battle Pass. It’s not that great. It just feels mean. The event grinds are also cruel.


It is that he loves hate thing. Game is fascinating too, and realistic.

The way you come on here and bitch and moan. I can honestly say I’m in shock at that comment.


WT has it’s issues

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More than a fair share 🤣

Premium disbalance is the major thing that comes to my mind, also, stock grinding, I hate stock grind with a burning passion. Just whipped out the J35D to see how it plays, and honestly, stock it’s a massive pain.

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I agree 100%. But every game has its issues. The one saving Grace at least for me. I loathe ground battles. So I don’t have to suffer through that. Lol

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Your game crashed as well you great tit ,what are you on about???

Stay on topic…

Lol XD

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I saw this and burst out in laughter. My parents were in the room and they gave me the dirtiest looks

I still play but not as much.I understand the frustration caused by the latest game changes.The new removal of cover,the destruction of sniping spots,BR changes and the spamming of new vehicle’s at a certain tier.In the wrong mood I cant face the game anymore but in the right mood I have a great time.There are far worse games, this game has just done so much so quickly to make me hate it.I am hoping things will change.

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I’m sure mine would If I was around them still, I tend to keep laughter to myself though now, still pretty funny though.