Is anyone gonna unban me?

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GMs are busy. GMs are real people who have real lives. Just wait. They will get around to it. Just wait because I assure you that you are not the only person asking for an unban and you are not the only the person they interact with.

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Would not recommend insulting them 1 hour after making your first comment, your giving them less and less of a reason to unban you.


Yeah they can keep this shining specimen of humanity chat banned permanently in my opinion. Maybe throw a forum ban his way too.

Surprising how many people still haven’t figured out you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar…


That’s the kind of person who will insult other players in chat or throw racist slurs around.

Can we appeal to the Game Masters to keep this “player” banned from the game?


Have you actually contacted a GM about this? If so, please add me to the conversation and I’ll have a look.


Tone down that attitude, it’s not working in your favor

Getting banned for offensive user name:

And presenting himself as extremely eloquent and polite person in the wt forum


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