Iranian F-14A Tomcat Squadron Vehicle!

Its quite funny considering none of us proposed to remove Yak-141 in the first place.

Thank you for showing us how important the ability to understand is.

No need to get defensive

um… they didn’t become our (USA) enemies their government got replaced during a coup if I remember correctly after that the new Iranian government just kept using the equipment already there. so in theory if the US got another f-14a that used the Iranian camo and was missing certain things like say the aim-54 that would make sense

another russia main with a burning persecution complex, every time

Then you shouldn’t have said that people were sick of the Yak-141 and wanted it removed from the game. While none of us said anything about the removal of Yak-141 in this thread, your comment brings only one answer to mind.

Yak-141 is here to stay and i dont think anything can change that, so discussion about similiar additions is compeletly fine in this case.

I’ve said nothing like that you keep putting words in my mouth. I’m just pointing that there isn’t a double standard

And who said anything about double standarts? We were discussing about potantial additions to the other tech trees, vehicles that has similiar situation Yak-141 has.

Double standarts wasnt even the topic of this discussion, at least for me.

To which I replied there are more fake vehicles in the game in other tech trees. (Not you maybe) but a lot of people on this forum seem to ignore/forget/not know that this is true and usually keep parroting what they hear repeatedly.

You mean people who usually favors one nation.

Most of them doesnt even have sensible opinions in those cases and shouldnt take their complains seriously.

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Ummm, they would copy and paste anyway