Increase spawn cost for SPAAs and SAMs

To call them a coward is Accurate.

They KNOW they can get in a plane and then revenge strafe/bomb you, especially if you are in an open top… so… 90% of the time, when you kill someone and then they immediately have that thought to get in a plane and kill you back, because they Know there is little to no counter play, it is indeed a Cowardly/Little B/+seaH move/“tactic”

if strela is overpowered then why ozelot isnt?

ah i know

stingers are modelled very incorrectly

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seriously why is ozelot higher than strela? does having an IR radar justify it?

Stingers should pull 22g and fim-92k should have datalink, along with total flare immunity just like how they work IRL


You can use skill and game knowledge and kill campers.

Using CAS for that is in fact just a coward and spineless move.


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Dont ask me, ask Gaijin.

İ also dont understand why this situation still stays like that.

youre mad for nothing lol

I am not mad.

In my experience the Strela has barely changed. It’s still useless against helis with the 6-8 km missiles (Ataka and Hellfire) and against anything with GBUs, especially if they climb into orbit.


In my experience, 6-8km launch hellfire is useless, you have at least 30s to find a place to hide, and it couldn’t hit any vehicle that is moving, it must be in 5km, and the maximum for Strela lock the heli range is 4.8km, which is almost unavoidable.

That’s true. My point was that less people might grind SPAA, and if you neglect your SPAA line when grinding high-tier you won’t have any.

CAS is 100% OP but i don’t have any good suggestions for getting rid of it beyond ‘ban planes in ground RB’, which would remove parts of the game that many people find fun. Increasing the spawn cost of planes is the best solution.

If the spawn cost of a bomb-laden plane was 1,000 SP, i would have to think really carefully about whether i want to spawn it in, since a single mistake could kick me from the match.

SImplest solution is to massively increase the SP requirements for spawning CAS, and base the SP requirements on the ammount of ordinance a player is bringing it.

Early CAS isn’t usually a massive issue IMO, as most of it amounts to 1 decent bomb drop that does require some level of skill to pull off and makes the plane vulnerable to AA fire when attempting it. Though I might implement a 1.5/2 second bomb delay and despawn the bomb if the plane crashes, to prevent the cheese tactic of crashing into a tank and hitting the spacebar on impact. Even the more egregious ones with multiple bomb drops usually pay for it by being larger and easier to intercept.

High tier CAS though is not only much easier, much safer, but also gives you far more chances for kills. Consider one of the kings of top tier CAS right now, the Su-25 with S-25O rockets and CCIP. That’s effectively 8 kills that require nothing more than putting the marker on a tank and firing a rocket, if it’s not intercepted (And taking it down requires a hell of a lot of interception at times). Or the F-16C, 6 Paveways, 6 easy kills. Why should these planes have costs that are even in the same ballpark as low tier aircraft that are infinitely less capable?

Bringing out an aircraft with that much capability should require exceptional game performance to earn, and yes, bringing it out should be a risk in terms of SP cost. I would also add the ability to customize loadouts in game, so you could choose a cheaper loadout with less ordinance if you wanted to be smarter with your SP.


L take lol

Im sorry you cant get your EZ kills with laser guided bombs completely unopposed. Sure would be nice if those pesky ground players couldn’t fight back at all


u r dumb, in air rb cas/bombers are dead and only game mode that cas planes are viable is in rgb, if you increise the sp costs, there would be absolutly no point to play any cas,heli or bomber in this game anymore


Firstly, I’m not advocating for their removal, just making them more expensive. There would still be a reason to use them, it just would be less common.

Secondly, why not advocate for changes to ARB that allow CAS aircraft to be useful, rather than cramming them into a gamemode where they aren’t balanced? It wouldn’t even be difficult, CAS aircraft would do great in RB EC, which people have been begging for for years at this point. You could even add specific areas of ground targets protected by strong SAMs, adding an additional role for guided munitions. That way, CAS could be as powerful as it wants without also vicitmizing other players.

The issue would be then that it would be exclusive for good players to spawn CAS.
Currently you will meet players from a wide skill range.

This would make CAS unkillable, because a good player will easily avoid SPAA, and annihilate the enemy. And if the enemy has no player that can spawn in an interceptor (or has enough points, but want to play GROUND VEHICLES in a GROUND MODE), then they will be absolutely annihilated.

What would be better is to hard limit CAS spawns in a per team and per player level, and also dinamically allow CAS spawns. And also adjust the spawn costs, but not radically.

For example, CAS spawn is disabled in the first half of the match. This means, that CAS can’t be spawned until at least one of the teams lose more than 50% of their tickets.
Then, if the ticket difference is less than 20% (so in a 10k ticked game, it means, if Team 1 has 5000 tickes, and Team 2 has less than 8000), then both teams can spawn 2 planes.
If the ticket difference is between 20% and 50%, then the losing team can spawn 2 planes, and the winning 1 planes.
If the difference is more than 50%, then only the losing team can spawn CAS (3 at the time).

Also, a player should be able to spawn maximum of 1 CAS as last spawn (so if it gets shot down or crashes he can’t spawn anymore), and a maximum team spawn around 6-8.
If he lands on an airfield, then he can respawn with a tank once more.

Also, a shot down CAS should give a 3x ticket bleed, and a crashed (or J out) CAS should give 5x ticket bleed of a tank death, and tanks destroyed by CAS should not result in any ticket bleed.
If one team has only CAS left, they should automatically lose the game.

Plane kills with ground units should have massively more rewards than they currently have.

Bombs/rockets on the ground should have a detonation timer displayed, and the color of the icon should be green, if you are far enough to not take damage, yellow if your exterior (tracks, gun) will take damage, and red if you will die.

CAS used as revenge killing or spawn camping should be punished. Maybe a 100 match CAS ban for the player per kill this way.


Then don’t play them. Easy as that.
There are also a lot of tanks that i will not play (not SPAA, but rather normal tanks that are either just trash, or not in my playstyle), and this is also true for many other players

Cas unkillable? the is no way to avoid Strela or type81, even you are playing 10.0+ air craft, agm65a need locked a ground target in 6km, which is in these spaas shot range.

Limiting CAS by increasing respawn point is the most stupid way I have ever heard, when some good players keep camping, you won’t have any idea unless suicide has enough times to waste their ammunition. the best way is reduce the air respawn point for fighters, no cas loadout, using 450 respawn point to against CAS player

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Dude, structure your comment!

Just go to 1:21…

dude, that’s a heli, and he used the wrong lock mod. In the video, there is only one missed because the missile hit the tree.

my bad, **** stupid characters typing…

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You said there is no way to avoid it. I showed you at least 1.

What do you mean?