In the absence of a Radio Operator/Machine Gunner

Read this and you’ll know pretty much everything about Crewskills

Some players despite their “knowledge” are not capable of comprehension.

The document listed here explicitly states that the stats apply to AI gunners. It can therefore be concluded that in the absence of AI gunners, the stats does not apply. It can further be inferred that Fire Precision and Fire Accuracy will not apply due to absence of AI gunners.

As for tank crews the stats on

  • Keen Vision
  • Field Repair
  • Agility
  • Vitality

are not distributed to the rest of the crew as they have their own similar stat and can no longer accommodate extra points beyond what is allocated for them by the game.

If any of them try to repudiate this claim, it’s proof of their critical thinking skills.

And it’s normal to be like this,…

IN REAL LIFE (from which is based the game):

Do YOU gain more Skills for your work, when one of your colleague is absent?

Tell me why you want those skills to be re-used in other Roles?

And as i’m fucking telling you already → there is no reason to share those skills,…

So what are you trying to get/trying to prove?