IFF for Phantom PDV

I noticed that the F-4J/M/K are receiving IFF for their PDV modes and I was wondering whether or not they actually had IFF for this mode, as I can’t find anything about it myself. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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FGR2/FG1 Included in this?

if so, those jets might be back on my radar (pun intended) for SB

FGR.2 is the F-4M and the FG.1 is F-4K so yes.

That’s what I was thinking, but with these changes I’m concerned the F-4M/K/J will get a BR raise with that, so I decided to check whether or not they actually had PDV IFF, only issue is that all the places I’ve looked, no mention of IFF (Other than stating the radar has IFF, didn’t state what modes) was found.

This is true, I suspect the only reason they’ve got 10.7 is the lack of IFF in that mode, with it, its a hard argument to keep it below 11

I’m actually worried that they will go to 11.7, especially the British ones because of the Speys, which will keep them stuck in EC9.

I doubt 11.7, at least with no 9Ls. But certainly 11.3. Where the F-4J(UK) currently sits, never made sense why its at 11.3 and other 2 were 10.7. Unless they knew this was coming

With gaijin’s neglect for SB it is actually a possibility (however unlikely) that they might forget to change the BRs???

Britain tax go hard tho

Yeah… I have actually asked Smin about Gr7 + Aim-9M + 11.0 SB rating. Something tells me that isnt staying the same. But I can hope they havent looked into it yet. (they dont seem to have a plan for where to put 12.3 into the EC brackets yet either, I asked)

But fingers crossed for the Phantoms, would be a meaningful improvement for them. THey have been rather neglected

11.7. At least.

yep definitely, it would be funny to have EC8 with 9M

Rip well I would guess that they will go into EC9, however I would like fourth gens (except the Tornado IDS’) into EC10, (F.3 should get AMRAAM and go into EC10 alongside them). Along with that we can move third gens into EC8/9 depending on capability and so on.

Yes, do you know whether AN/AWG-12 gets IFF PDV or not because I am really confused at this change

I really really hope not, but im guessing 11.3, which would mean more time in EC9

At a minimum the 11-12 brackets will need to go because you cant have 11-12.3, thats easy for 10-10.7 to become 10-11 EC8 but not sure about the one below. Like wise we could have 10.7-11.3 become 10.7-11.7 and then EC9 become 12-12.3. But I do think we are edging on needing EC10. at least to a limited rotation (maybe just 1/4 cycles) But does mean anything 11.7 might see EC8 for a change.

Wrong person to ask, best bet is in the British weapon systems thread

Alright well thanks! Fingers crossed for it

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