If the Leopard 2A4M CAN is available in the British tech tree, I would pre-order it without hesitation

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if you are so against it and have a problem with germany , canada shouldnt have bought leopards at all


But consider this: it’s gonna sell more under the German tech tree. That’s what matters to Gaijin.
The new Leo follows the same logic of the AIM Abrams, as it goes to the manufacturing country, not to the country with closer political ties.

All those decisions are money motivated, don’t overthink it.


Given the 2A4M is in the german tree when can the US reclaim the Canadian ADATS that was added to the British tree, after all, it is a US made M113 with a US made missile system attached to it in Canadian service.

It is more US than the 2A4M is german given no Canadian components are present in the Canadian ADATS bar some cargo paneling.

That is unless we are going to maintain a double standard that is.


T-90 for Britain, leaked MiG-21 for Britain says hi


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There’s no rule set in stone for this kind of decision.
Also, there’s already a Canadian Leo 1 in the German tech tree.

And even the title “Royal Canadian” what a bloody joke. Last time I checked The colonel-in-chief of the regiment Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) is King Charles III. I hope Gaijin can educate me on when the Canadian monarch became a Hohenzollern.


I understand your frustration, and I’m not here to antagonize you, but maybe you’re seeing too much non existent political agenda in a game which main objective is selling as many pixel tanks as possible (and this tank in the German tree is indeed going to sell more than in the Brit tree).

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So from a rational business perspective, Gaijin should make more nations competitive. And for top-tier German players, I don’t think this would be a good thing. Just think about how the M1A1HC ruined the win rate for top-tier US ground forces, right?

I’m in agreement, I just don’t expect it. The bar is kinda low.

Mighty snails, STUP and take my money. Do I have freedom of speech now?

You are right, they are by no meanings Hohenzollern, but:

In 1917, the name of the British royal house was changed from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor, taking its name from the royal residence in Berkshire.[3]

Hessians and Saxons, not Prussians but last but not least Germans… what a pitty.

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Years ago when the Abrams was added, I asked in the forum what the players thought about the possible addition of the Australian Abrams in the British TT, many main Brits replied that they didn’t need it. I don’t understand why you need a Canadian leopard 2 now.

I don’t really need a German to educate me on the Act of Settlement 1701, and I’m too lazy to argue with you about the historical ownership of the Kurfürstentum Braunschweig-Lüneburg. But I think most people know that there wasn’t a modern sense of unified Germany before the establishment of the German Empire under the Hohenzollerns.

RIP German 10.3-11.3 BR winrates

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I’ll agree it’s dumb. And it should be together with our other stuff.

But that’s not a reason for name-calling. It’s not good sportsmanship.

At this point, our only option is to push hard for a Canadian TT so we no longer get walked over and ripped apart like this.

Here is the Ground suggestion. I should have the air one up at some point this year. (FInding photos are driving me insane)


If the leaks are true, then France will be getting some leopards, which is just well, weird.

Still strange to me that france will be getting Dutch vehicles all things considered…

I really wish they were consistent about this lol. They are adding Canadian things to Germany because “Leopard was made by Germany” but then also add Leopards to France (from the Dutch) because “country relations” or whatever. Like yeah I get it Germany Leopard but also like. Just decide where you’re putting stuff like this in the future please? Like the British Indian T-90 which didn’t go to Russia because “T-90 = Russia”
idk man this is so confusing

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