If Leopard 2PSO is going to remain a worse Leopard 2A5, then it should be FOLDERED with 2A5, and not be end-of-the-line after 2A6

As long as it doesn’t get its glacis add-on armor module, Leopard 2 PSO is just a Leopard 2A5 with 1 less HP/T, and therefore, worse mobility.

I would hardly consider better CE/autocanon protection enough of an “improvement” to offset the worse mobility to the point of considering it an upgrade compared to 2A5 and even 2A6. If anything, it’s a sidegrade.

As of now, I don’t think it’s an interesting enough vehicle to be willing to go through a 481,000 RP spading process. It’s not even the upgrade Germany has been waiting for years, as I said earlier, sidegrade at best.

TLDR: on its current state, it belongs in a folder with 2A5, not at the end of the line.


i suggest highlighting the part which is different in the ‘shouldbe’ portion as it could be missed