If a vehicle is destroyed by CAS the repair cost should be halved

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No,… i definetly made some High tier ground battles 2 days ago to see you’re point,… i’ve seen over 10 games only 6 aircrafts,…

So no CAS isn’t cheap as it was years earlier, and i knew this already because i knew what thame changes are gonna bring to the gameplay.

Ignoring SP increase due to being downtiered CAS does not cost enough to balance out the reward potential it presents.

Combining this with the reduction ability of scouting it is far too easy to get inside of a plane or helicopter and proceed to engage ground targets with impunity.

Current SPAA does not properly confront CAS even the Pantsir is only strong against slower jets, Mirage / F-16 have no issue avoiding its missile. Current CAS is 12.0, current SPAA is 11.7 at best. This is an imbalance.

You’re exagerating it,… as you only talk to CAS over 10.3 BR have guided ammuntion.

While taking such aircrafts without payloads already cost 520SP when downtiered, you also have to put up to 200 more SP into payloads alone, and i’m not considering to take specific gun ammuntion which can be useful on every 30mm guns, adding another amount of SP.

Considering your SPAAG/SPAAM cost at best 250SP, we have to take 3 times your amount of SP.

So stop asking for that, it’s enough already

If your argument is that CAS that is downtiered with guided munitions would be harder to take out then I would agree and say “good”.

But can you earn with a single AA as much points as with a plane? Maybe that is the point of the higher SP needed to use a plane?
Maybe the SP needed for a tank or a plane should be seen as a “threat-level”. Big threat … big points needed. But as long as we are in ground battles WITH close air SUPPORT. We should take a look first to the battle on the ground and then how the planes can support the battle. Not dominate it.
I don’t want that planes get removed. I like it the thrill of a battle where danger lurks everywhere. But spawning three times and get wiped within seconds because of air superiority is not what I am looking for in ground battles.
Who wants to be the player who take an AA right away from the beginning of the match and play sitting duck the whole match if no planes come? So most player tend to use normal tanks in the beginning and start to react to CAS after they get killed. If they don’t react to it. The enemy plane is even more dangerous because it got no threat. But if a player uses an AA the enemy team got another advantage.
I hope you get the point.
It is like Rock paper scissors. You have not many choices in the beginning. React in advance and take into account that your choice was bullshit or react after you encountered the threat. Planes are a big threat. An AA is mostly only a threat to light tanks and planes. Even 5 AAs are not a big threat for enemy tanks. Only for planes. And in my oppinion and as a really bad pilot … in ground battles pilot should not get the freedom do fly and bomb like they want. They should feel like a tank on the ground. Staying aware of what ever will come.
When you drive a tank straight into the enemy lines youre mostly dead. Fly a plane straight into the enemy lines most times nothing will happen.

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Thats why there are other players with other nations in your team that can provide cover. Players ask for more team game mechanics and if you can provide cover with SPAA for your team its suddenly issue…

Well currently a AA being focused on aircraft is able to do as much or higher amount of when there is a good number of aircrafts spawning.

Today isn’t possible as we see like 2/3times less aircrafts in the aircrafts than few years ago

For common, low skilled, and not focused on their role players → yes it is.

Today, many players do not use SPAAG as they should be:
→ many search light tanks
→ others do not even spawn their SPAAG and leave for the next game

The Threat level of Anti-Air weapon is as low as the number of players using them

But, i’ll admit the following:
→ maps are so small that SPAAG and SPAAM are much more focused on Ground-Ground survival
→ maps are so small that SPAAG and SPAAM mostly do not leave Spawn point, making them easy to treat as an aircraft

I’ll agree on that but being the one taking an SPAAG at BR’s 8.0+ is good to counter some helicopter spawning right away to use unguided rockets (Mi-4 // Mi-24 // AH-1G // UH-1B)

Today many IFV’s take that role instead of yourself, because you’re most likely spawning and waiting at spawn point,… making you’re range less useful.

This prove again, that maps are too small.

Well,… SPAAG being located at spawn are not covering tanks as most of the time aircraft can choose their firing approach.

The problem currently of the Anti-Air threat to CAS is very limited, because of players unable to move around/fearing tanks(or searching for tanks instead)

So,… first things first, Improving SPAAG gameplay should be prioritized by:
→ enlarging maps to have more possibilities to be anywhere on the field, and being a sneaky SPAAG able to defend 2/3 nearby tanks
→ giving diverse protected areas in which SPAAG can hide from tanks while being closer to mid-map frontline in order to have more spots and being able to do more crossfire on ennemy planes

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This is so inane I can’t respond.

You just did

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I did make reasonnable answers before,… but you didn’t understand the whole point behind

Well written. Frome time to time I go with an AA only line-up in ground RB. That´d be Skink, Bosvark, Ystervark and the older ones. What really kills me all too often are the excessive tracers inviting every airplane to plunge right onto me. Why not give SPAA the ability to choose stealth-ammo? Tracers work both ways is the saying.

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And it shouldn’t be both ways when you’re watching them from the front.

But the way Gaijin modelized tracers is really simple, as it is a straight line effect following the bullet, instead of the luminous point that you can only see if you have some kind of rear sight of the bullet (you can still see luminous effects on walls around, but in the air, there is nothing that can be lighted, apart clouds)

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Why did you reply to me? I was not replying to you.

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you are stupid. I was replying to OP.

Respond to your point, as there isn’t one. I can reply to your comment to state how inane it is.

Good point! Planes got them too.

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Suicide bomber CAS would also be further punished by this change.