If a vehicle is destroyed by CAS the repair cost should be halved

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Irrelevant troll post. Reported for spam lmao


CAS is a much discussed and very contentious part of Ground Realistic Battles.

Halving the repair costs incurred by deaths to said mechanic would improve the average player’s enjoyment of the game as they’d be able to more easily write off the death as something that simply happens, akin to artillery.

Excepting that CAS is 900% more efficient at killing a player than artillery though both are semi countered by repositioning.

This makes zero sense.

You do have options to limit your chances being destroyed in CAS, at least in the lower to mid tiers. SPAA defense (problem is many don’t want to play this role), friendly aircraft (again major issue is they use this enact revenge bombing on person who destroyed them), moving and hiding, plus the actual positive SL and repair cost changes that have been added, this whole repair cost issue shouldn’t be a problem.

Even in games where I do poorly or we lose, I still finish with a positive SL even with repair costs included. Gaijin has even given you the option of obtaining Premium time to prevent you from going into a negative in a match.

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Arguing that CAS isn’t an issue is unrealistic.

90% of players disagree with you. I’m glad you view CAS as it currently is as fine. Enjoy the game.

oh, you’re upset that someone has not the same opinion like you have
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you do know some nations have fuck all as AA, so they are basicly sitting ducks for CAS, right?

This idea isn’t so far fetched until Gaijin get their head out of their *** and begins to give everyone defence against planes.

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If someone is commenting towards something which is unrelated to the thread then it is offtopic.

“the same opinion” isn’t what was presented. Denouncing my experience as illogical is factually incorrect. The opinion presented is generated through the use of CAS and the justification for its continued dominance. It is both unhealthy for the game and telling of the original poster as a person.

You on the other hand are just following after me like a puppy dog. Also telling.

Which is why people started spading planes for lineups to counter the air. If ground pounding is easy then how easy do you think shooting down the braindead is?

Then you land and back in a tank with lots if SL under your belt.

At least a very viable option until they actually sort the SPAA gaps (which are scarily huge for a game that is touted as combined).

But hey, it only took almost 10 years to get an ‘Air’ radio command.

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Then Ground RB is Air RB.

If the best possible solution to CAS remains a Plane then the first spawning of Planes equipped with only anti-air missiles should be allowed.

dude, PLEASE look at the spawn point difference between planes and AA.

Planes are about 5 times the SP as an AA,

So the BS excuse with “just take a plane instead” is crap and just a shitty way of trying to remove blame from Gaijin because they dont give a flying turd about balance.

This problem have made me a one death leaver quit a lot of times, because i can’t expect my teammates to do my defence for me.

Nothing like ARB really. Low, slow, players doing odd stuff (ok, that us RB too), no markers, pilots less likely to be a challenge (usually a lower BR filler).

Are you denying using a plane for 5 mins in a match to stop enemy using CAS on your team works? And no, I can get in a plane quick if needed (I am not enamoured by first spawn aircraft) and none of my planes get A2A (at least exist in a zone I played ground).

Of course, it can fail badly too but I am saying this currently IS a valid tactic.

If the player to counter CAS is required to play a plane then the game mode is not focused on Ground combat and should be renamed.

I will reiterate as well that if this is the only solution presented planes should be allowed to spawn at the beginning of the match without bombs to act as a counter.

I said it was a valid option, I am not excusing anything.

And if an enemy can get in a fully loaded CAS in 1 minute as people decry then I can get in an aircraft almost as quick, and of course if in the uptier and maybe a poor lineup then I will be initially more helpful there.

I 1DL too, because most players are skipping through fields playing with bunnies. As much fun as it might be I prefer not to lemming train to one cap over and over, often picking the worst possible cap because they saw a YTer do it.

I just PvE air a few matches a day now because Ground, air or not, is boring.

That is a silly pedantic point. But sure, ask Gaijin to call it ground battles with aircraft if it makes people feel better?

Did I say it was the only counter? Did I not say gaps need to be filled but currently air also works, which we ALL can do and is very very easy? I clearly put forward it is an option, and option that has worked OK for me. Give it a try?

But the last point, no, I do not see why it is needed and I don’t think you have sold it to me.

Again, my comment is not the SOLUTION, it is still an option whether people use it or not. And do you not think one issue compounding the power of aircraft is the many many many new players pushing up as quickly as possible without a care?

For a troll, you are making quite good points.

it still dont change the fact the Gaijin have been neglecting balance on the AA side.

Let’s take USSR, they got VERY good AAs through all brs, and gaijin have even given them light tanks with fast shooting weapons AND missils with proxy and some of their TDs have proxy weapons of different sort (and even a bloody radar that can track planes) they got it ALL.

Other nations who don’t even have the extra fluff don’t even have decent AA capability through the BRs.

Yes, we can spawn in a plane, but that don’t remove or help the core of the problem.

Balance is shit in this game and Gaijin dont seem to care one bit.

Well you’ll have to put MUCH MORE arguments,…

This is not an idea currently,… it’s just a “thought” of what could be done.

But you do not see the all other implications behind your “thought”