I was chat-banned and I can't communicate to my friends

Hello. It has been over 4 years that I was chat-banned from the game chat and it doesn’t get lifted. This means I can’t communicate to my friends or to my squad mates.


And of course this begs the question:

What did you say/type that resulted in the chat-ban?

Obviously I said the n-word in the chat several times, and I said ‘I will hack your account’ to one of the users in the game chat during battle.


It literally says that you were permanently devoiced

As stated already:

➤ To request help regarding a Chat Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.


I cant chat ingame and didnt recieved any notification

me too… no notice… nothing… chat unavailible. was working last night. i bitch about cas eery other game as it accounts for like 75% of my deaths but is that ban worthy?

The in-game chat is temporarily disabled for everyone.