I think Ive been banned pls help

As I was exiting the game I got a notification saying easy anti cheat detected a violation, curious I decided to log back on but it just crashes while it’s loading in
Please help

Were you cheating, hmmmm?

Run the “Check files” from the “launcher settings” (wrench) page. Restart your machine and try to log back in.
Best of luck.

Contact a game master here

Nope, they need to actually verify thier install and fix EAC…

Verify files in launcher, make sure antivirus has the game folder exempted from scanning.

If it still doesn’t work, run the EAC setup in the EAC folder of the game as admin and repair service.

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I think I’ve had this happen to me before but I have a fuzzy memory, I doubt you got banned or anything, they usually have a message for you when you log into the game as I’ve seen with many people here showing such when they cry about “being banned for no reason” lmao.
If your game keeps crashing maybe check task manager to stop the program but idk, not much of a tech guy. Just here to say your probably fine (probably)

Well I’m assuming that they are also now going to be banned, so if they do get it fixed they’ll need to contact them. But I did miss read the OP a little

The first message is merely that EAC has failed somwhere. The subsequent crashes suggests the issue is with the client/install/machine.

Unless they’re getting that direct message, it’s not them being banned.

Ight. Just trying to help 🤷‍♂️

Connect this guy he or she is helpful

Yea, nah… You don’t want to recommend that, there’s an entire echelon of people prior to contacting them.

I would guess he will tell the guy to contact support…account issues are only handled by support AFAIK.