I have enough about the spawnkillers

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Why would they do “anything”?

Everyone starts from their spawn position. No one is born next to your spawn. The fact that someone got there is your problem, the fact that you have no situational awareness and you die at spawn, I’ll say it again - YOUR PROBLEM.

Imagine that the main goal of a PVP game is to kill other players
Whether they do it in the middle of the map or on your spawn does not matter at all, this is not a medieval duel, but a shooter on tracks.
Nobody cares about your concert of wishes and some honorable dying, you can’t cope against other people, so go play assault mode against bots.
No shields on spawn will work because they will kill you right behind the shield, if someone kills you on spawn you have basically already failed.


This is too easy to blame the player of a team and take your famous card “skill issues”, enough of that too.

And no, you can start your game on 9.0 (easy to do with fast tank) and just few minutes after, a few spawnkiller on your left or right spawn.

The only thing that keeps spawnkillers going is the validation and inaction of players like you.

So yes we can’t cope againts spawnkiller with mentality like this. If you like spawnkill and other things, you must go to Warzone or others games with 0 fairplay.


I’d like to see a system similar to airfields. Just put AI controlled AT guns around the spawn. Anyone within that spawn detection zone get’s clapped. And they can’t be destroyed, only temp disabled for 5 seconds. Or, implement a dynamic spawn point systems. If the spawn zone detects 3 or more players, a new spawn point opens up for players to spawn at that isn’t close to the original spawn. And don’t let it appear on the map for 60 seconds. After that, its location gets revealed.

Personally, as within my own experiences, Russian vehicles are the most frequent to rush past a point and go straight for the spawn.


Spawnkilling is an issue when it happens too quickly or too often on some maps. If your team has collapsed and been pushed to spawn, thats fair. If a tank gets to an op sniping spot 2mins into the battle, thats not fair.

It is partly a map design issue, but it is also casued by fixed and predicatble spawnpoints.

I think making a larger spawn area on all maps would be the best, it allows players to choose exaclty where to spawn, and makes spawnpoints less predictable.


There is an issue when looking at this regarding “your team collapsing”, and I don’t think it is automatically declared as fair when there are common issues Gaijin has yet to address that can result in this happening that are beyond your control even before you get into a match. You can easily get matched with a team composed of 50% or more premium pack players who quit after one-death. You, as a player with an actual line-up, should not be punished that harshly because Gaijin let’s another buy a mid-to-top tier premium. If there was a system in place that addressed that issue and THEN your team is whittled down, sure; your argument has more weight. Like the 9.7-10.7 BR rank is just plagued with one-life players.


This is a great idea and I think the best we have ^^

And yes, russians vehicles are the most spawnkillers but I’m not sure at 100% because I play German tanks all the time. A few games with USA or Britain but it’s rare.

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All the times, it’s a op spot really fast at the start yes. I don’t have a problem of a team pushing a little but not directly into the spawn, it’s normal. We have the same tactics on Hell let loose for example, no problem at all.

I like the idea of MokaMoki, have AI AT guns around the spawn at the start of the game. That’s realistic and efficient but that’s depends of what Gaijing think and do.

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There is no solution. You want magical protection? The enemy team will just wait outside. Whatever limit or restriction you come up with, people will work around it. Always have, always will.

Use the tools the game gives you. Spectate before spawning. Choose the other spawn point. Attack spawn campers - they are literally marked on the map. Watch the flanks to stop them.

They have ruined most of the maps to try and pacify but yet people still complain. Learn to play the game!


I understand what u are saying. Yesterday in several matches we had only one spawn and nasty enough while our team was trying to get to the cap zone, some people of the other team went directly to the spawn and waited there. I lost two Merkava before i exited. The good thing, i had my merkava grind by killing a few of them at the spawn and my 250% XP bonus at least was useful for something. But there were so many waiting there, it was impossible to get rid kf them. Btw the match was won in the end as my team captured the other cap zone. Most of them were at the spawn.

In short - usually if i see spawn campers I exit the match and say goodbye to all people in match.
If my team is spawn camping i tell them to withdraw and pull back on an open chat.


I agree with your points, but I’d disagree with you making spawn killing nation centric.

Typically I find it’s CAS and light wheeled vehicle’s that start spawn killing first, where it seems to be their only objective and not a natural course of battle.


But it is a skill issue - the opposing team was able to get close to the spawn because of you/your team having tunnel vision and not covering the flanks. The “inaction” is on the part of the team that allowed the spawncamper to get into position.

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You’re the one who has a problem with this. Not me. On the old forum, the topic probably had several hundred pages and several thousand posts where people like you came to cry about the fact that someone killed them at spawn and that it was dishonorable. Normal people don’t give a damn about your opinions about them and what you consider honorable.
Whether spawn protection will be 5 seconds, 20 or 50, whether it will have a range of 200m, 500m or 1 km, no one cares, my friend, if I want to, I will frag you exactly in the place where you leave the protection or I will wait until you run out. This is just a pointless extension of your living time just to make you feel better, that you could drive for 10 seconds before you died, and then you will die anyway because you have no idea what is happening around you.
This is a completely legal way to win/catch kills from the beginning of this game and no amount of whining from some Sunday knights will change that. Learn maps, the most frequently played enemy tank routes and places that have tactical importance on the map.

The topic has been treated in so many different ways and each time some vegetable thinks that it has found a way to extend its life even slightly. You’re wasting time. Learn to play and stop whining. You won’t win every round, and you won’t get the best result in every round.


The effort of anyone to drive to any place to spawn kill anyone, is one the same effort as killing with CAS. I am sure i could find a video on YouTube that would show me the best places for doing exactly that, and it would be easier than learning how to hit targets with bombs. “The fact that someone got there is your problem” Right, but you have gaind that advantage with no effort and the disadvantage the enemy team is having to deal with, are down to arbitrary map design that allowed you to spawn camp the other team in the first place, which means it is not because of their skill issue. So your argument that it is PVP is ridiculous since what some of the latest updates have shown is that spawn camping is even undisered by Gaijin.


it’s always the same effort you can make to block me or do the same, but no, it’s better to come to the forum and complain that someone killed you because you had tunnelvision. You will always find an excuse. You better go look for these videos and learn how to effectively camp enemy spawns without effort, maybe you’ll stop making stupid threads every time someone kills you

What are you talking about?

I think you might have me confused with someone else, I cant really remember the last time I got spawn killed. I was here to give my sense on the topic, are you confused?

Is this a case of you just getting killed on spawn getting angry and jumping straight on here to complain? I have done that ,come on in a rage and not really thought it through entirely.

Helicopters in game I have no knowledge of but there is a campaign to give a no CAS option for GRB so being hit from miles away at the start of the game by CAS would cease to be an issue.However that is fantasy currently.

This is so true .A player has to earn the privilege to reach that far forward either by being lucky and using stealth and knowledge or by fighting their way across the map taking on all enemies that stood before them.Spawn camping is generally an end game phenomenon in GRB.

Spawn camping right on spawn also gives the person who just spawned easy kills as the mini map shows the campers and the new entrant is protected for a while so re spawn in something heavy with a good gun and you can take 2 or 3 out.

How many times have you steam rolled and enemy then everybody rushed into the enemy spawn and vanished one by one only to lose the game in the counterattack that followed? Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory lol.

Only middle ground has been suggested.No Spawn points just a spawn line across the whole map so you can theoretically come in any where on your line.

That would also stop the traffic jam at the start of the game.


I have been playing a lot of ground battles recently, and I would estimate that 80% of matches end with one team surrounding the other teams spawn and desperately trying to shoot a fish in a barrel, so to speak. Hardly engaging gameplay in 2023, don’t you think?

Honestly, I find this to be quite boring and not dynamic at all. I am saying this as someone who is frequently on both sides of the situation. Don’t people think the game would be more enjoyable if a losing team had a chance to counter attack? It could ultimately lead to more kills this way for both teams.

My solution would be to place boundaries around each teams spawns. Similar to the edge of map boundaries. On the 8x8 grid, rows 1,2,7 and 8 would be off limits to members of the opposite teams. You know, like how they do in “Enlisted”.

I know a lot of people will say it’s a you problem if a team surrounds your spawn, and whilst I agree to some extent, I do think that matches end in this manner far too often. Usually because of one death leavers. Is it then the case that there needs to be more incentives to stay in the round and fight to the end?

Whilst I really appreciated the new kill bonus xp, I do feel an xp bonus for those that end the match still alive should also receive some form of bonus, win or lose.

I think with just these two simple changes we would see much more dynamic and fun games occurring, with more push and pull between two teams.

There is also one other solution I thought of to this problem, and that is instead of having three static capture points, have only one dynamic capture point that moves once it is captured by a team. Make it first to five points wins the round, or something along these lines.

As for CAS, which seems to be the bane of 90% of GRB players, instead of removing it entirely my solution would be twofold.

Firstly, remove the kill cam. In realistic battles it doesn’t make sense to see exactly where you got shot from. I would be fine seeing my own tank and the angle the shot came in from, but that’s it. This might alleviate some of the revenge bombing, but not all.

Secondly, why not limit the amount of CAS able to spawn? Like in “Enlisted” where a team can only have 1 fighter and 1 attacker. In war thunder you could add a helicopter to this of course.

These are just some of my thoughts on this matter. I love this game and I only want to see it improve in a way that benefits all of us. I would be interested to hear what you all think?


I think you need to go to Warzone, Rust, Fornite or some others games like this, it’s better for your type of mentality.

And no, I would not go look for video to learn how to camp the enemy spawn like you did. The only person with skill issues, is you. We don’t need spawnkilling to have xp or others things, that’s a fact.

Don’t cry little child, Gaijing do not change anything about that like always, so you can spawnkill many players as you can.

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