I get ban by breaking the rule of use modfication to the game and i get ban and i never use and plug cheat or anything to the file but the user skin

my user:roblox_bacon_man free to check my replay i just dont understand why i getting ban by gaijing with breaking rule of 3.2

i ask the support they just keepy saying you modficate the game client and they say they check it from sever log something and i ask for more prove they just give me the same reason
and sorry for my bad english

justice for roblox bacon man


The forum can not help you with a ban. You can contact a GM.

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aight bet let me check it out

bet what?

i dont know maybe i get unban

i just a form 2 student and from hong kong so my english kinda ass you know


那么只需使用 DeepL 即可。这是一款基于 Ki 的在线翻译软件。比 Google 翻译好上千倍。