I do not know if that is a bug or not but new HMD in Ah64 doesnt show crosshair for rockets

I do not know if it I do not understand the Apache HMD or is it not really there but the crosshair on Israeli HMD AH-60 is evident when set to Rockets.



Hell, at least we got actual cockpits instead of Cockpit Placeholders. That aside, I believe the reticle is where the missile will be aimed, you just have to look at the target of where you locked the guidance system. Sad fact is they gave the pilot the HMD instead of the gunner (for more frontal view on targets). For rockets, it should just be a semi-static reticle where your rocket pods are aimed (with obvious computer calculations for speed and drift) and then you can fire from there.


I am very happy that they introduced realistic cockpits after such time.

But after testing it I feel like the recticle is out of view so it is bugged. I can see him in Ah-60 but in Ah-64 it is top left out of view and only shows up sometimes.

So this is bugged for Ah-64.

Hmm, couldn’t tell you about it in game, then, guess it’s just a bug?