HVSD/ADAMS: The air-defense weaponry from a late cold-war missile boat, on a truck!

The fire control system of a tank is pretty relevant tbh

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Better? Maybe.

Itll have s fully unique playstyle. USA doesnt have anything SHORAD missile related besides Aim9x, and 114Ls and AMRAAMs

The CRAM would be awesome

Update: thanks to @ミーナ we have slightly more information on the surface-to-air missile used by the HVSD/ADAMS

It appears that there is a surface-to-air-optimized version of the shipborne Barak-1, called ADAMS. It seems to be largely similar to the original Barak-1.

We also learned that the max G pull of Barak-1 and ADAMS is 45G, which is rather impressive.

9/1/2024 edit:
I forgot to mention that this brochure also confirms the HVSD/ADAMS can fire its SAMs on the move. With all the recent information, I believe it’s safe to say the HVSD/ADAMS is superior to the Pantair S1.


Where is the Spyder AIO topic?

Anyway, new year, new me (it):

Quite a bit more powerful than anything we have in-game. Definitely would be a good addition but with 12 exceptional missiles and a Phalanx, it’d be 12.0 or 12.3 material, especially with ACLOS (as it should be implemented). Compare it to the missile systems discussed here with 4 similar missiles and no guns, which people seem to agree would be at least 11.3. I think a Spyder SR (Python 5) would be more balanced for 11.7.

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Then Israel would have a gap between 9.7 and 11.7 that cannot be filled. That’s not an acceptable solution.
Gaijin could just stop at the Tunguska, Flakawaka, and XM1069 - but instead it decided to add the Pantsir so now it has no choice but to add equivalents to other nations. And if those equivalents are more powerful then so what? Some nations are already far more powerful than others. It won’t be a greater gap than the one between Pantsir and Machbet, so it’s okay.


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Making a new nation even more overpowered isn’t balance. Shame on you.

Looks like this is a prototype, but I’d rather not go off-topic here.

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The HVSD/ADAMS does not have to come with ACLOS right away, iirc there are already SPAAs ingame that should be able to operate on ACLOS.

Also, the type of SPYDER does not determine what missile it uses, both the SPYDER SR and SPYDER-AIO can use I-Derbys, tho the SPYDER MR and SPYDER LR get access to special versions of the Python 5 and I-Derby which are equipped with boosters.

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Israel is not overpowered in any aspect.


+1, definitely needed to help Israel be competitive

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.