Hungary is ok but it should start a new compound tech tree instead of being in Italy

I understand that Italy needs more tech to fill gaps, I hate this term as nation is equal to each one, but Gaijin should move on from legacy introduction of tech tree based on nations.

What should be done

What it should do is to rework nations rather to some the tech tree grouped nations. Group nations based on geolopolitical and historical reasons.

I believe that Italy would work better with mixed nations it already uses and those are Spain and next one should be Greece.

Hungary situation

Hungary should have started a tech tree that would represent nations like Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics. Possibly Ukraine in the future. Lot of tech is shared and exist in all nations. This is also based on more geological and historical reasons. This one should be called Vysegrad. (already has lot of tech in the game from Soviet era, crew voices are recorded except Slovak one). These nations share lot of tech, history, are of the similar nature and complete each other.

Why I believe this is not good idea is that Italy has no connection to Warsaw pact, it had no Soviet jets, helicopters and tanks. Italy is more western oriented than eastern. Shares more with Spain and Greece. So these nations complements each other better.

It sort of already is in the game

Swedish nation tech tree is also Finland, Norway and should transform into Nordic tech tree where also Denmark could reside. This tech tree is really well done and it works on all points of geolocation, geopolitical, historical and technological reasons as they share major part of tech. They complement each other also very well.


This really opens doors for more future tech to be added without trying to wrap a head around reasons.
The game that was 10 years ago is already beyond WW2 and is more focused on the present than on Cold War.

What worked for WW2 (nation based) as tech trees for Cold War (NATO vs Warsaw Pact) and some nations stopped domestic development and produce such tech and in the present it is really mixed with modified legacy tech and bought of foreign origin tech. For this reason tech trees should be changed whereas the major nations should still exists but the other should start and be part of compound tech trees.

For these reasons I believe it makes sense to refine the nation based approach into grouped nations under some more reasonable status. This could avoid many speculations and pushbacks in the future.

How would prefered nation work?

For example. T-72M1 is major MBT for Warsaw Pact. There could be and option for picking up or making an order of nation operator for such tech tree. In case of (Vysegrad tech tree) if player would pick Poland it would automatically put Poland emblem/skin on the tank, jet and use the picked nation voice over. But if there was a vehicle that is just played by 1 nation it would be locked on that nation.

Please Gaijin, rethink the Hungary addition to Italy, postpone it and refine tech trees. It could be major and great step in quality improvements.

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