Hungarian Vehicles - Feedback Thread

2019 or when, they introduced, the T-72m1 era got armor.

That’s what you mean, right?

Yes! Also nice picture. After a bit of searching i found more pictures about it.

Feedback: I’m honestly pretty happy to see the Hungarian vehicles in the Italian tree as it definitely offers support for the trees gaps however, I would’ve rather seen it implemented as part of a Visegrad/V4 Tree where it would likely shine best. However, in regards to the update:

  • Csaba, Turan I, Zrinyi II, and the Turan III: Solid additions, adds much needed diversity in the tree.
  • ZSU-57-2: Hungary used it so it makes sense.
  • ZSU-23-4: I really think its time to update the models of all these vehicles. The Hungarians used the ZSU-23-4V1 so that should be used. The other Shilka’s in the Israeli and Swedish tree’s also need an update.
  • 2S1: Good glass cannon to help out around ~6.0.
  • BTR-80A: I really like how this one was done. It has a separate model from the USSR BTR-80A.
  • T-72M1: Hungary still uses them in limited capacity so it makes sense. The T-72M1 is a widely exported tank and in this tree it will offer more for ~9.0. In the future, the Hungarian SZRP ERA version could be foldered with it. Could open the door for the T-55A and the Hungarian SZRP ERA version.
  • Leopard 2A4: Does not have the correct MG, should be the FN MAG but it’s good to see it. The Hungarian camouflage looks good on it.
  • KF41: Very solid addition, looking forward to using it. I didn’t realize it only had the capacity of 2 Spike’s so that’s unfortunate but regardless with the deadly gun and APS, it will be fun at top rank (I also look forward to pairing it with the Hungarian Leopard 2A7 when it makes it in-game). I know there’s a lot of hate for not having it in the German tree but if and when the PUMA receives it’s Spike missiles and more variants of the Lynx are added to the German tree, it will balance out.
  • Helicopters: I’ve always been a fan of the Mi-24 and glad to see it in Hungarian colors however, I do not like how the tree was changed. The Mi-24’s should be in a separate branch since Italy has other variants of the AH-129 that can be added like the AH-129D with its Spike-ER missiles.

Disclaimer: I personally don’t mind seeing a mix of NATO/Warsaw Pact vehicles caused from a sub-tree. I feel like if you’re going to add a nation as a sub-tree to another nation, you would want to add vehicles regardless of C&P because those are vehicles that the country actually had used.


I failed to report it as they want some paper sources, showing that Hungary used only this variant.

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Gaijin gave it the capacity of 2 atgm’s… It is an internally loaded MLPS launcher built and supplied by Supashock Australia for the Spike LR2 missile.

It could change by the time the update is live. We can bug report it too

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Regarding the ATGM capacity it is weird. Does the Hungarian Lynx actually carry the Spikes IRL? I know that the turret is capable of carrying them but are they actually fitted?

And the capacity is problematic since for example the italian Freccia IRL only carries 2 Spikes but Gaijin decided to give it 8. And this applies to many other IFVs.

they have the launcher container built-in, so yes they can carry spikes.

Freccia can carry 6 of them internally. In the case of the Lynx I think it’s either for balance or placeholder purposes

The thing is that internal storage is Gaijin’s fantasy.

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I think you should do a bit more of research…