Hungarian camo for Italian Pz IV and Stug

With Hungary coming in it would be a nice time to add some of their camo options to the Italian Pz IV and Stug. They were operated by both Hungary and Italy after all. And currently those vehicles only have two camo options anyways.

Hungary did also have Pz III but as far as I know they didn’t use the N model that italy has in game. So personally I wouldn’t give that one the new camo (but maybe a romanian camo in the future?)

This wouldn’t be that hard of a change and would add more personalization options (as well as the possibility of a visualy distinct hungarian 3.7-4.0 lineup).

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Hi! So I found that Hungarian Stug 3-s had numbers 700-731 written on them. You may can recreate the 714 and 727 numbers using the regular numbers and some numbers found on soveit airplane stickers. Sadly the colour not match as it should be black, but better than nothing right? Maybe some user skin will come eventually. It slightly disappointing that the italian Stug don’t have sideskirts, as all Stugs I saw had one. I guess if Italy don’t used sideskirts it makes perfect sence. Also I wonder why late Stug 3 variants with rounded mantlet are not in the game at all. But I guess a lot of vehichles are still missing like german self-propelled guns.

I just did a suggestion for it as well as a late StuH 42. Lets see how long it takes for them to be approved

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