HSTV-L fine at its BR if it gets its historical rounds

Kills per battle is an irrelevant stat for the tank itself as that’s a stat for the player in no-respawn game modes.
On top of that, you cited above 1, which is above my average skill level.

What do you mean by irrelevant? It can be useful despite being used in respawn game modes, like GRB.

Can you cite your source.

KDR comparisons with like-vehicles is how you determine quickly how good a vehicle is.
HSTVL should be compared with my 2S38 and Begleit performance. And soon my VCC-80/60 and Strf 9040C performance.
KDR is far more consistent with less variables than KMR.
Being consistent with my survival and helping the team is far easier than having a team that is just objectively better than myself.

After all, if my KMR gets too high that means I’m consistently losing on top of being one of the better players on the team.
It’s a sword with a double-edge.

You have not played the HSTVL enough to start comparing KDs with the 2S38 and Begleit. Once you get a suitable number of battles (preferably ~150), I would agree that you could do that.

Sure, but back to the statement I was trying to point out earlier-

You haven’t played enough nor have gotten enough kills to have gotten any reasonable circumstance where you would deplete your entire ammunition in a single match.

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The reason why KMR is useful is that it reduces the impact that ‘camping and contributing nothing’ has on your KDR. If you have very good KDR and fairly low KMR, it means that you are destroying a couple of tanks and hiding / not engaging in combat after that, to save your KD. Of course, there can also be instances where your team demolishes the entire enemy team, which leads to you staying alive and only having a few kills (which also improves your KD but not your KMR), but that rarely happens (especially in Top Tier USA, like you’ve seen in other posts).


My KDR cannot really go below 2S38 as my HSTVL is still stock.
Not a single performance mod grabbed yet, just the initial necessary mods to unlock rank 3 mods.
A recent match was 5 frags, 12 rounds used.

Staying alive preserves spawn points and allows one to do more for the team longer.

i totally agree, since i have the HSTV-L and it’s really bad when it comes to pen certain tanks, and it’s completely impossible to defeat MBTs equiped with spall liners from the sides, the shell is bad, speed is good, mobility also but in top tier it needs more than mobility, also Gaijin has a bad history when it comes to balance or buff USA, it’s really sad to see a light tank such as 2S38 get so much love from them but not other nation’s light tanks.

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yeah good luck killing a strvs or leopard from the sides or the front.

2S38 has a worse round than HSTVL, especially when you take weight into account.
If you can’t hit ammo of T-series tanks with APFSDS then practice more.

I do, 1 - 3 shots. Turret, ammo, turret if I missed a crew member and ammo wasn’t present.

did u do that when u only played a stock HSTV-L for only 7 games?

still u can’t deny it gets more love from the devs.

lmao i eat russian tanks for breakfast fym.

Nah, VCC-80/60 gets the most love being 9.0 instead of 9.7/10.0 despite it being a 9.0 2S38 with better ammo and “worse” armor.

WW2 tanks taught me ammo priority, crew 2nd, disabling gun 3rd.
MBTs refined that.
Auto-lights I refined that further.
So by the time I get HSTVL I already learned its playstyle by using other tanks.
I even improved my Begleit’s KDR by 80% in a handful of battles due to the things I learned in the last year or so.

cap, the 2S38 gets more, since it can shoot down jets,helis, and pen top tier tanks from the front easily, and kill most of their crew, that’s why the HSTV-L suffer from, since the Russian tanks bad engineering u can only shoot down from the front or the sides and hit their ammo and they’re done except the BVM since it’s side armor is made from Dark Matter even higher pen rounds can’t sometimes penetrate it.

this isn’t a WW2 tanks topic alvis focus more.

u got it played 7 games, and u dropped it since it’s so bad at top tier, average nightmare for a HSTV-L player is meeting a leopard frontally or from the sides and strvs also, it requires it’s original rounds that’s it end of discussion.

2S38 is 10.0 exclusively because of its APFSDS round.
Strf 9040C also pens top-BR tanks frontally as easily.
HSTVL does it even easier than both 2S38 and Strf 9040C.

No, I’m still playing HSTVL, it’s the easiest light tank in the game to use.
I play all ten tech trees 2 hours a day. I have a life. Most people don’t have the hours you seem to have of free time.

ten tech tree in 2 hours everyday and still have a life? lmao

yeah that shred everything in its BR like if they’re made from plastic.

it does it even easier if the guy isn’t looking at you, or gave you his butt to shoot.

it might be easy if the team against you is mostly stock t80s and t72 turms.

didn’t try it so i won’t judge.

and tell me how do u expect a round of 276mm to pen a tank with spall liners and unpenetrable front hull.

There are 24 hours a day, 16 - 18 of which are awake.
At most 8 hours for major obligations.

Strf 9040C and 2S38 do not shred everything, they shred primarily other light vehicles.
MBTs are largely defended against them, especially Leopard 2s.

another cap as always alvis, i’ve tried the 2S38 and i kill every moving thing.

Then you come across very unaware enemies.
Cause I can tell you out of the auto-lights I died to, only HSTVL and Begleit do it consistently enough for me not to note when it happens.
2S38 happened less than 5 times, all times were when I was over-run due to my own over-extending.
Strf 9040C was less than 5 times as well likely for similar reasons.

And I never see VCC-80/60s cause no one plays Italy despite 9.3 Italy being one of the strongest tech trees in the game.

Personally i do agree with you that the HSTV-L may not be optimal against Leopards, however that doesn’t make it bad at top tier as a whole.
If you’re facing German MBTs you may not want to pick it, because you simply use too much ammo for getting a single kill whereas for something like a T-80BVM 2-3 shoots are usually enough. Depending on the vehicle that number may vary, but except for the Leopards, that number is reasonable.

How do u expect players to not take the HSTV-L when mostly they face Germany and Sweden at the same team 90% of the time, its bad at top tier, 11.3 isn’t a place for a light tank such as the HSTV-L, why it gets only APFDS while other light tanks can use missiles, HEAT to counter multiple kind of targets.