How some people play with their brain shut off

It baffles me how some players like legit are that challenged . In whatever mode I’ve played . I encounter many players like this being in the same team as me , which leads in a defeat . Is it illegal using common sense ? Like for real gaijin . Do something about it .

In league of legends people that iron division can’t play with challengers for that reason . Make something similar . I don’t like trying to babysit and hold hands with people that can’t properly use their senses , while I try to defend myself from actual players knowing what they doing .

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Not everyone takes Warthunder as seriously as you. It isn’t a competitive title like LoL…


Do something about… people not playing how you want them too?

At any rate, I would definitely like to see proper performance-based matchmaking in WT, yes; it should be standard for any PvP game. The only potential issue is how split across modes/BRs the playerbase may be.


Yes , a ranked system would be a nice implement I believe .

But having team mates that just press W and nothing more , can’t tell me that won’t annoy you when you try to play as a team player . Don’t care if a team mate dies while trying to shoot someone or something like that . But the sheer brain shut off , 0 senses , is annoying af to deal with .

Then make a suggestion for ranked and lay out the details.

I get that some people are worse than other, but not everyone sees this as a game they have to do well in. A lot of players get enjoyment from playing their favorite vehicles against other vehicles, which is the basis of the game. Not everyone cares about proper tactics or exceling in their stats, some people just want to blow off some steam and not add to their stress.

I’ll use myself as an example for this. I once tried out some expensive flight sim gear thinking that I would enjoy playing Sim with a proper flight setup. I was wrong. It wasn’t worth the time, effort, and money to learn to fly planes (to an extent) to try to have fun in Sim. Now I just use mouse joystick and I can still have fun.

Not everyone has/wants to take Warthunder as seriously as you do because it is just a casual thing to them.

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The big problem I see with this is vehicle selection. Games like Call of Duty are a level playing field for movement speed, weapon selection, and perk selection (compare it to crew skills on WT I guess) and skill matters much more on why they do well. Warthunder doesn’t have a level playing field for anything. It has like 10 classes of vehicles available for ground to see, and they are all balanced in their own ways. If SBMM was implemented it would probably turn into something like World of Tanks’ ranked/clan battles where only the most overpowered vehicles are ever played and someone who doesn’t use them has no chance. Also, with +/-1 matchmaking, there would be massive problems with who should be matched with who AND the BR spread. These two together would just conflict and probably slow the matchmaker to a crawl.

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It was established years ago that in Warthunder both teams are your enemy. Just so happens one is colored blue and the other one red.


Imagine playing the same thing over and over and your rewards are primarily determined by playtime and it barely matters what you do, especially air RB you have to turn off your brain.

Yeah, I’m kind of a sweat in AirRB myself but with how the game is implemented, it does not reward effort, just mind-numbing grind


This is a fair and valid point.

I’m less worried about this. The thing with performance-bases matchmaking is it’s tends to become a “trap” for some players, mainly those who try to absolutely maximize every artificial advantage they can get.

To stick to simpler FPS territory, if you use the most overpowered/meta rifle, gear, perks, etc… you’re not actually improving your natural skill level, you’re artificially boosting your performance by using easier-to-use and/or more “powerful” things. Which means all you’ve actually accomplished is raising your own matchmaking bracket above your natural skill level.

This is precisely why we see so much whining about having to “sweat” and “be a tryhard” from (especially) the CoD community. But it’s self-inflicted, Performance-based matchmaking is like a Chinese finger trap; the more you struggle against it, the worse your experience is going to be.

On the flip side, using underpowered/non-meta stuff will artificially lower your bracket, making for a much more “causal” experience. While this can theoretically be abused if taken to an extreme in a system that doesn’t have safeguards, that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about how I could run around with my authentic-to-reality-ish-but-not-meta weapon builds, or something like only using dual-wielded pistols in MW19/II and do just fine… because the system accounts for my lower “stat performance” by putting me into a lower matchmaking bracket.

The secret to doing well with performance-based matchmaking is to relax, instead of fighting it.

This is unfortunately the biggest problem, and possibly the very reason we don’t have a system so far. WT is an incredibly segmented game, split between three vehicle types, three-ish modes each from there, and then a dozen different BR ranges on top of both of those. WT is a popular game, even if it’s no CoD, but the current population combined with these splits would make it tricky.

Unless it was simply an additional feature on top of the current matchmaking, more like a “recommendation” than a requirement, in that it wouldn’t negatively affect queue times. Or something.

We would probably need AB/RB/SB ditched and simply have a single mode each for Air, Ground, and Naval for this to work, but that’s not especially likely.

No-one communicates, no-one squads… End up with teams like this where everyone is playing thier own grind, not caring about others because they have better things to do.

You should pull his stats because he calling teammates braindead except himself lol

I got two proposals for solutions.

  1. Skill based match making
  2. Increase repair costs again so people are more wary of losing SL
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I don’t pull stats because there is no point to do so…

The mentality of those who said for ages that teams are worthless, and that stats are everything, has taken hold…

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Embrace the culture, that’s what makes the main forum somewhat better than reddit and steam lol


If you are playing Air RB, if you are sufficiently skilled and pick a good plane that you are comfortable with you can reliably win almost every match singlehandedly. This can’t be done nearly as easily in ground RB or arcade battles because the enemies you kill will just keep respawning, sometimes as many as 7 or 8 times, and in ground every individual player you kill is 1 more load of bombs about to land on your tank. If you want to win, play Air RB.

In Air RB when your team gets slaughtered early on, that sets up the opportunity for crazy 8-9+ kill games. If your teammates do too well then they tend to divide up the kills between more people and you can’t get as many.

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You have very high expectations after playing just 9 matches in arcade and realistic. There’s a good chance that you’ve played with other beginners.

If you value team play, look for a squad where you can play together with a maximum of three others and coordinate with them.
Usually you use a voice chat (Discord/Teamspeak etc.), which makes things easier, and a well-coordinated team of even just two players can achieve a lot for the whole team.

When you start to realise that 90% of teams are crab people it begins to make sense.

Because they run sideways?

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I do so wish.
Nobody knows what a flank is.

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