How do i get dev servere gold?

how do i get dev servere gold ?

Buy it

and all streamer buy ? hahahahaha buy the test server gold vitch

Content creators get if for free, the rest of us have to buy it

why ?

So people actually test low tier equipment, if everyone had 1,000,000 GE everyone would just buy their way to top tier which is bad for testing, the devs only want top tier players testing top tier equipment so the feedback is reliable

I have all the tanks, but they added a new branch and I want to test it

I have the Italian tech tree, can I get the Hungarian tech tree gold?

I’m afraid your options really are just to buy it or grind normally, you have a 5x booster at the very least

The amount of GE on the test server reflects the amount of your GE on the regular server. You cannot buy/get GE for yourself just for the test server.
Purchases for GE on the test server do not affect the amount of GE on the regular server.

When a whole top-level queue is updated in the test server, a certain amount of GE should be given to players for testing new vehicles.

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You are wrong @Stona_WT , i try that on the last devserv (for β€œLa Royale”): if you purchase GE on the devserv (directly ingame), you have the amount purchased credited on your devserv account AND on your live account.

But effectively, at the first connexion on a new devserver, the amount of GE available on the account is the reflect of your live account at this moment.