How can i get my ban revoked

I was banned because of a nickname i have had for years and i wasn’t even warned about it. I just want to play with my account again plz help

It says right there in the ban message what you need to do as a next step:

When the name is changed, send a PM to a Game Master on the forum and ask them to unban you. Include your new in game name and login email in the message.

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Imagine that
/sarcasm off

I have followed those instructions and have changed my player name through the web page baut i am still banned

It’s explained right there = Game masters - War Thunder — official forum


I did that

I did

I did bro

Then why are you making a post about it?
Just wait for an answer.

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People want instant gratification so if people are made to wait they get very impatient and lash out.

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Cos i dont know what i am doing so i wanted suggestions.

Suggestion: wait

also its the weekend now so the earliest you will get a response will be monday, but it could be midweek before they get to you.