How am i supposed to change my nickname if i literally cant?

Sure, let’s just allow it and lose the PG12 Rating so the Game is withheld from young players in the EU, losing thousands of customers just so you can have your silly little name :^)

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With the amount of threads popping on here in the forums with exactly the same Issue with the exact same numbers maybe they just added it to a filter leading to some hundred bans lol

This is actually so ridiculous like jesus christ maybe don’t allow players to name their accounts with 420 or something similar if its that FUCKING SERIOUS… Does Gaijin really think some lad is gonna read through the whole fucking EULA looking for unprohibited innuendos? You can have 420 in your name even in fucking ROBLOX and they dont give a shit…

If a filter exists, it’s either hella new or really bad cause i saw a rather racist name just a few days ago

Again, I think that is what they just did, setting up a filter and they banned all accounts that already had that in the name

Can’t they give me another chance or something? I literally did this name 7-years ago and played once…

It is probably not that advanced. Or I am wrong and all people complaining about a Name Ban here on the forums the last 2 days just happened to have 420 as the offending part in it because it is popular with the kiddos or something :D

Well if they can, then only in the form of a support ticket or a DM to a Game Master, not in this forum thread :>

Thats a good possibility too. If everyones user names had drug related content in them it could hurt that. Some countries have very harsh laws against drugs and drug content.


Theres no harm in asking, send in a support ticket. worse they can say is no. how much is it to change the name anyway?

Oh its $2.49. thats not bad

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Well given the demeanor (and thats coming from me lol) he is probably not old enough to hold any Credit Card or Paypal account to pay it.
Asking Mom for it could be hard, depending on Grades :^)

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his account is from late 2022 and he is level 15, so unless he has a lot of premiums or bought a lot of premium time wouldnt be hard to start a new account.

Also, lets not be passive aggressive in the help thread :) i understand your point but could be a better way to put that.

AND I’m a new player so I’m completely lost. Somebody help me…

I’m 100% sure I haven’t changed my nick either. I’ve had this nick since the day I downloaded the game.

Lol this is ridiculous, where can I check my name history? I’m 100% i haven’t changed my nickname. Where can I contact support?

I changed my name to this in F**KING 2017 after playing like 1 game, and now after 7 years I re-download the game and get banned

Registered 8 August 2017 Year 19:51

Imagine getting banned for shit you did 7 years ago

Can’t they give me another chance or something? I literally did this name 7-years ago and played once…

Drip … drip … drip

Definitely needs to be addressed by a Game Master/Support ticket.
Suggestion to the original poster: be honest and avoid the abusive language.

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