How am i supposed to change my nickname if i literally cant?

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I wouldnt put 420 in your new name, there is a good chance that was it. Try not to make any name that has any inappropriate innuendo


… Okay, so, I go into the Gaijin.Net store and try to change my nickname, and it doesn’t let me change it for free. There is no box or anything where I can change my name for free. Nice.

I’m 100% sure I haven’t changed my nick either. I’ve had this nick since the day I downloaded the game.

You click the pencil next to your name


And this is what it shows me after.

Probably best to contact support in that case

Then you have already changed your name once, so you will have to buy the name change or create a new account and loose everything with this account.

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Lol this is ridiculous, where can I check my name history? I’m 100% i haven’t changed my nickname. Where can I contact support?

You would have to send in a support ticket

it can take a few days to get a response, so just be prepared for this to take a bit of time.


You said you’re a new player, how new we talking?
cause if it’s just like 1 week or so, it might just be better off starting fresh like Ravanos mentioned

tho thats ony if you couldn’t get the help from support

I’m so disappointed in these stupid rules… How is 420 even offensive like bruh i dont even smoke weed its there as a joke???

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Chances are someone in-game felt offended by it and decided to make a report
I’ve seen a lot worse names which managed to get in the game somehow

Its the Birthday of a famous moustache man

And @All_Hail_Snail67 you won’t lose your thousand dollar account for this, just DM a GM with a new Nickname you want and they change it…


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I dont know if thats the case but since 420 is innuendo for drugs and that would be inappropriate since its drug related.

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Maybe something to do with the PG12 Rating too. At least in the EU they take into account online interactions too if I remember correctly.

Still, what a joke. We live in the 21st century and people get offended from fckn 420 like what a joke…

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Imagine getting banned for shit you did 7 years ago