HMS Queen Mary: Royalty at Sea

I wouldnt necessarily say she had a strictly “WW1 design”. She certainly innovated on the dreadnoughts that made up the bulk of the fleet during WW1. She also wasnt as advanced as the battleships built in the following decades like KGV.

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she was still designed during ww1 and launched how is that not a design. she wasnt stripped and build from the ground up. im pretty sure designed, redesigned and built in ww1 makes her a ww1 ship.

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Another Jutland legend. Any chance to see SMS Derfflinger?

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Strictly pre-WW1 design then… entirely designed, built, launched and commissioned prior to WW1 starting.

The British fleet in WW1 had 10 “1st generation” 12" gun dreadnoughts in 5 classes, and 24 with 13.5, 14 or 15" guns, plus Agincourt with 14 x 12"…

So no, actually she wasn’t an innovation on the Dreadnoughts that made up most of the fleet at all!

Her and the 2 Lions were an improvement over the previous 12" gun Battlecruisers f’sure

Where on earth did you get that from?? Commissioned in 1913 ffs…

? where are you getting 1913 from?

We have drifted off into pedanting about the HMS Hood not QM.

They both got ammo det’ed by the Germans :P

Oh - wasn’t obvious!!

I was looking at Queen Mary - the topic of the thread!!

Take Hood elsewhere please! :p

I was just making a correction. Just like your doing…

Well, if I’m gonna face the Scharnhordes and Krokshams, might as well look good doing it

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