Hit road block progressing my tech tree

I’m back in the game for a week now after years away.
I’m currently playing Arcade mode to level my tanks and progress through the tech tree. I’m going through my learning curve again. I’m not expecting to come in to every match and kill everything. Generally I’m happy if I can get 1 kill and overjoyed when I can do better but I realize I’m still learning.
I have been buying premiums but only those that match the rank bracket or lower then the rank I’m in. The premiums are just to maximize RP and SL and of course I have a premium account. I also tend to be a massive binge player.

I’m writing this now because I am unable to play. Things just got so hard that I am unable to progress.
I simply couldn’t play anymore despite wanting to progress more. It simply wasn’t possible to do anything.
Over this past week I’ve been getting hit with the normal people driving planes into tanks on the ground to kill them thing. Lost a lot of progress that way but planes are a proper part of the game so I can’t say much. Planes shooting me was almost a relief compared to the normal suicide pilots, until tonight.
Players began using planes to harass the spawn area. In my last match 4 jets were circling my spawn points killing anything that spawned match after match. I lost all my tanks and got a huge repair bill in exchange each match for helping my harassers earn points.

I don’t know how to play in this? I’m lost. How to I progress? A map only needs a tank for each capture point so if everyone else got in jets, the opposing team of tanks would be unable to participate and it would no longer be a tank battle. I don’t know how to proceed? I don’t have jets and aside from some BR 1.2 AA I have nothing. I tried defending with my tank machine guns but that was just a waste.

I would like to get some feedback on How others progress through this kind of thing and overcome these challenges? I’d like to play but I at this point I’m just a supply of points for pilots.

Thank you.

What BR bracket are you struggling in? And which nation is this with?

AA usually helps a lot but it heavily depends on what nation you play as some are just bad.

Having fighter plane helps a lot too, but it is not neccesary.

Learn to read the situation. Your first spawn gets killed.

What to spawn next?

Check the skies. Are they clear? Was the game already going on for a while and the enemies that managed to cap recently died?

If you can safely assume theres no immidiate danger of CAS, spawn tank.

If there is, spawn AA or fighter.

Well first of all. Try out some rb games. CAS is still an issue there, but it’s a lot less suicidal and you can actually somewhat hide from planes as they won’t have giant markers highlighting you. Other than that go back down through the ranks and get yourself some AA. It’s in the game for shooting planes so might as well use it

PS: Maybe find a casual squadron to join up with and have some people to squad with as that little extra bit of communication can help a lot


i’m a bit confused by some parts of this post.

Try RB instead, its a bit harder but you earn MUCH more RP and since you have premium account you wont loose SL at all.

most players do the “run and gun” in the beginning and that wont work, try slow and steady, peak over hills just enough to use binoculars or commander-sights to spot enemies before peaking, shooting and backing up again.

as far as i know you can’t kill by crashing, only bombs/rockets/guns.

loosing progress? you can’t loose progress, like at all.

if you don’t move when spawned in you have protection and cant be killed for a little while.
if you get spawn killed you wont get a “huge repair bill” as that is based on time played in the tanks. it cost SL per minute played up till a max cost and if you have premium account you can’t go negative.

Spawn a SPAA in that situation and gain SL and RP that way then. when the planes are gone they can’t spawn new ones in GAB unless they get more kills. in GRB they can if they have the points but then you can move out of spawn to hide and shoot them again.

start unlocking SPAA then. it helps A LOT and has gained me the absolute most in SL and RP to play SPAA.

if you are “TheManx” in game as well you are still at rank 2. it slows down A LOT in progression the further up in rank you get. rank 1 you get a new vehicle every 1-2 games. in rank 4-5 you have to play like 15-20 games to even unlock one vehicle. at rank 7 it takes like 50 games for one vehicle if you are playing average.
but i can see that you are struggling to get kills. as previously mentioned, don’t rush into the center of the map, try to sneak around or stay behind a hill. also try out RB as your tank wont be marked for other players automatically as soon as you get seen by one player.
Also try to learn where to aim, all tanks have differently thick armor at different places but there is a general theme of where almost all tanks can be penetrated, that is the connection between turret-hull as well as the sides just underneath the top of the tracks. it isn’t enough to just haphazardly aim at center mass and shoot and hope for the best.

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Let’s take it one step at a time:
In arcade you don’t need planes, as you generate points they let you get on them. The game allows you to use it for 1 minute and it has 0 cost.

Planes can NOT kill you by crashing.

Defending yourself from planes is easy. Cover and machine guns are usually sufficient up to 7.3 BR.

Play where you are comfortable! Forget the mantra in RB you get more experience. I’m getting US super fast just with premiun account.

Now my tips:

In Arcade it is important that the crew exp points are spent on “radio range” and “vision” on each crew member. This will give you situational awareness and together with binoculars you will detect people earlier. Not to forget “reload” “aim” and “leadership”.
Binoculars are also important in arcade.

Try not to show the whole tank, this makes it harder to be detected.

Try not to go first… try to flank, don’t repeat firing zone if you suspect you were spotted…

Thank you for that. It was helpful.

I actually preferred RB for game play. Apparently Arcade is a supposed to be the faster more forgiving route for beginners and low rank players to level. That’s the only reason I played it.

I had thought of going back through and leveling an AA but I was trying to research a new vehicle I had just gotten and was loving. The other issue I struggled with was then the game stops being tank battle. What’s the point of all the other tanks. Ahh but that’s my issue to wrestle with.

Thanks again Berserker0011

There are some players playing top tier arcade too, and find it fun. More power to them of course.

But for me it was the world of tanks feel of ground arcade that killed any appeal the game mode had.

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Hey Necro, Thanks for your detailed response.

I don’t think one can advance up to BR 7.0 without learning you can’t just blow your way through things. For me, learning is study (Youtube videos), observation (I actually watch my replays to see what successful players do) and don’t be afraid to try something new and possibly stupid when all else fails because we learn from mistakes. For me the learning curve these days has been about to ammo, weak points, and learning the maps.

So as mentioned, I’ve been trying to research a new tank I like. Its weak until its researched but I have to play it to research it. I’d been trying to get a kill in it for the points. About 5 matches in I finally found a target I had the drop on, tracked him from a defended position and began trying to finish him off, my first kill with this tank. Someone suicided a twin engine jet with a large bomb into a tank near me. Dead and I lost my chance.
The other thing is when you’re using a premium to boost your earnings and the premium gets destroyed naturally so does your boosted earnings.
And the end of the day though you’re right which makes my point, I don’t get the chance to earn the progress but I was trying to avoid extreme verbosity knowing the audience I’m speaking to is knowledgeable.

This was the map with all the trenches and firing ranges. The spawn was all open fields and rolling hills so hiding from airplanes with my big red tag was a challenge. Thanks for this though, it helped me understand what folks are doing when they’re just sitting at the spawn.

Yes I am “TheManx” in game. If you look at most of my countries then you’re absolutely correct. For leveling, it was recommended that a person focus on a single nation. In my US tree I’m Rank IV. I hope ranks 4-5 are as easy as you say, I just unlocked the M41A1 and I burned through a 20 mission RP boost and a 10 mission RP boost and still had to do another 10-15 missions to unlock it. As for Aiming, I totally agree and I recently learned to stop using sniper mode to aim every shot. The challenge now is to be able to shoot at all. If I stick my poke my face out to aim I end up in a new tank. like I said, learning.

Thanks again for your kind advice.

I’m grinding out US right now. I picked it at random. When I originally started I was getting a lot of “No no not that nation, go this nation…” kind of advice and wasn’t progressing at all so I picked one to focus on and it was the US.
BR has been a troubling spot for me. When I was lower BR I got a BR 3.7 Prem and all matched up well. IN rank IV things aren’t so easy. I my line up is 4.7 to 5.3 but my premium is the M46 which is a BR 7.0. I know that moves me up in the matches to a higher BR and I spent a couple days debating the choices for my grinding prem to replace my old BR 3.7 one and M46/T29 seemed to be about the best choices in that rank and again I’m trying to stay in my rank with my grinding prems. So rougher learning curve I know but the challenge I’m facing and trying to learn past is how to play under extreme CAS at the spawn.

I agree with you 120%! I actually came to WT for the RB, its a lot more challenging but a lot more personally rewarding too but have been using Arcade for leveling. Basically I’ve been following everyone’s advice to level in arcade.
Like most I suspect I’m in love with the higher rank machines. The Merkava and the challengers are my drug of choice. I play with them in test drive all the time. Can’t wait to get to the rank where its appropriate to buy and use them so that my leveling focus.

oh trust me, judging by the people i have seen in top tier, you can.

good :)

i think you mean “spade”? as in unlock the modifications. “research” is mostly used for tanks you don’t have.

i think taking capture points give more RP.

you still get RP for assists and crits at the end of the match.

well, you get extra SL and RP for anything you do in that tank regardless if it survives or not. but other tanks you use wont gain anything from you having and using a premium tank. and this is just part of the game, some matches goes to s**t and some you dominate in.


i just realized that i only looked at your GRB stats… i’m so used to that being the standard x)

at rank V there is a significant drop in progression speed. i would also recommend to start playing realistic, you gain A LOT more RP there but less SL, but since you have premium account that wont matter.

i started from zero in the USA tech tree about 2 months ago and i am just now very soon in rank 7. and then i have skipped unlocking as many tanks as i can while progressing and have played A LOT of top tier in the Swedish tech tree. it takes a LONG time to get to the top if you are just starting out, i think it took me in total a year to unlock all of Sweden’s ground and air.

and i would also highly recommend not playing only one tank in the lineup, unlock some tanks in the same BR range and play with 4-5 tanks at the same time, and remember that when you unlock a new tank its VERY tempting to put that in your lineup directly, but don’t.
Because you face opponents that are the rank and BR of your highest BR vehicle. so if your lineup is three BR 5.7 tanks and then one BR 7.0 then all your opponents will be BR 7.0 and your BR 5.7 tanks will stand no chance att all to do anything. and looking at your stats i think that might be what is happening, i think you bring your BR 7.0 premium to all your battles and then all your poor lower BR tanks are having to fight things 3 times their power and armor.
try to unlock 4-5 vehicles of the same BR and make a lineup and play those for a while, every time you unlock an entire row of modifications you get an extra RP boost (seen to the right of that row) that goes straight to unlocking the new vehicle you are researching.

Heck if you prefer RB anyway definitely start checking out some casual squadrons. Queue shameless plug: My own squadron is very casual and social focus so we don’t really care about levels and such. You can find our recruitment post here FNRIR Wolves of Ragnarok - Playing for the fun of it it has everything you need to know to join us.

I feel you bro. The game should be renamed to spawncamping simulator. I already tried to post some suggestions to improve the spawnprotection but somehow they get all rejected before they were even released here for some reason.

As I mentioned I review my replays to learn from them and I also check out some of the folks in the matches. One of the suicide pilots was a level 69 player, and there was a couple in the level 30’s. I would have thought them so skilled that lowing themselves in suicide bombing way would be an insult to them but I guess this is how some choose to advance.

I’ll check it out.

Just finished a couple hours of hunting bots in custom to get used to things.

BTW, I’m almost 60. How is your group about older folks?