Highest muzzle velocity?

180 m/s faster than any other round APFSDS round. OBJ 292

I wanna see what sources they had for this round lmao.
This is a 152mm apfsds…
But also check the 152mm apfsds on the german or american mbt/kpz-70

Which fire from shorter cannons.
It’s obvious that 152mm cannons will push APFSDS rounds faster than smaller cannons of the same length.

The XYZ-70 fires from a shorter barrel at much lower pressure given that it was designed to primarily use ATGMs not sabot thats why the sabot on it is shit

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It didnt used to be like this thats what im saying

Its always had the same velocity the sabot rounds IRL were intended for engagements below 700m as that was the minimum engagement range for the MGM-51C in a gun launcher the only thing that changed was the flat pen on the sabot the angle pen is prety much identical to how it was before, you’re complaining about nothing. The dart in the 152mm is also smaller and shorter than even M735 thats one reason for its garbage pen too.

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Im not saying it should have anything like 900 of pen lmao
Just that 285 flat isnt like the performance of a 152mm shell. I would presume at around 340 as a decent guess.

Again the 152mm sabot wasnt intended for long range its a low pressure short barrel gun launcher firing a short rod small sub caliber dart honestly 285mm flat is a lot better than you’d expect when the gun was specifically designed for firing ATGMs and HEAT-FS. its also one of the reasons why the XYZ program failed because it wouldn’t be able to keep up with new soviet armour without a major redesign to the autoloader that would allow it to fire long rod sabot.

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I agree with all that youre saying.
My only bone is that the formula gaijin uses for penetration calculation is not really doing well for this particular shell.

It doesn’t do well for most short rod sabot but its there for balance reasons so toptiers aren’t lolpenning eachover with 700-1000mm pen rounds

That’s really stupid for a game that calls for ‘realistic’ vehicles.


And according to the owner the shell is around 20 lbs?
Should cause a penetration increase due to thr inertia alone

What a dinky dart.

This is a ‘realistic’ video game its a video game first and foremost an actually playable and fun experience comes before realism, toptier ARB is a great example of realism over balance right now you’re at a permanent massive disadvantage if you dont play an F-16 or F-15

Weight for sabot doesn’t lead to a substantial increase in Penetration the heavier the shell the more spalling it creates a heavier dart will give increasingly diminishing returns in Penetration especially if the gun firing it doesn’t have the power to get it to a high velocity

1509m/s for a 9kg apfsds…
That isnt low velocity and yes weight does factor into penetration
Its not substantial yes but thats why i stated around 340mm

For a dart round thats low velocity 100-200 m/s slower than the average and the heavier shell means worse drag so at range its more or less doing 1300 m/s

Weight barely increases penetration if you want a substantial increase in weight to actually provide results you’d need the shell to be travelling extremely fast thats how the 292 managed to turn the weight into actual penetration, theres a good reason why nobody makes short fat and heavy darts anymore and why the comparatively lighter for their size longrods are better.


You are missing the DM63A round

The dm 63 uses the same apfsds as the dm 53…