Hellfire Guidance

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Coding a missile so that it can’t hit a stationary target from 6KM well within the 8KM range is truly an impressive feat Gaijin. There is no one like you when it comes to incompetence.

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Theres already a bunch of threads on hellfires and their issues.
No need to create a new one


Dude, stop creating a new tread every time you die to something once and have a bad day or you miss some shots and have a bad day.
If there actually is an issue with what you are going to complain about you can bet there already are threads for it you can post in.


When somebody doesn’t know how to submit bug report…


Good luck getting him to stop. It gets worse if his spam thread gets closed. Then he goes and necros a bunch of similar threads.

They should implement temp/permanent forum bans for this kind of stuff.
It just creates pointless clutter.

there are temp bans not sure about permament mostlikely aswell how do i know (i got temp banned)