He 115 C-1 and T 2

The 2 torpedos and 5 x 250kg bombs would be really nice. Hope they add the sea mines some day for german planes. I don’t think they get added this update, because gaijin didn’t make a modell

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Highly unlikely that the aircraft did ever carry 2 torpedoes. I think the source is confused, and that it is supposed to be that the aircraft could carry 2 types of torpedoes.

Yeah, i am of the same opinion. I believe the expansion of AShW have been iced by gaijin. Its a low priority addition.

Underwing racks?

The ETC racks for fitting 250 kg bombs are very different than the PVC racks used for torpedoes. Havent seen any other mention of it either, so i dont know.

Are you sure they are not underwing PVC racks as they could also equip with bombs?:

oi twin SC1000 sounds nice

The torpedo were carried inside the bomb bay. Furthermore, i think it would be impossible to carry torpedoes on the wings inside the motors, as the floats are connected to the fuselage and the engines. Even more unlikely that the torpedoes could be carried outside the engines.