He 115 C-1 and T 2

The T 2 should have additional underwing racks for 250 kg bombs.

According to “Warplanes of the Luftwaffe” by David Donald, the He 115 A-2, which is the original designation for the T 2, were based on the He 115 A-1, that were upgraded to have 2 250 kg bombs under the wings.

The He 115 C-1, which is designed based on the He 115 B-series, were capable of having 500kg bombs, 1x1000 kg mine, or 2x 500 kg mines, as loadout options.

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you have a source for that?

yes? send it in the Bug Report section!

I dont have a second source to back up the T 2 yet, however i think i have what is needed for the C-1

What is the C-1 armed with in this game? It should have this:

Its got MG15 in both nose and tail, but the MG17s in the nacelles

No MG 151 cannon?

The C-1 gets a 15mm MG 151.

What about the bombloads?

2x 250kg or 1x 500kg, 2x 250kg flamm or 1x 500kg flamm, or 1 torpedo.

there was a Rüstsatz (I believe R3) with wing mounted pylons for 250kg bombs too but gaijin didn’t add that one

Im looking into it, but some sources claim the wing mounted pylons for the 250kg bombs were introduced already in the A-1 pre-production model. Also, there are claims that the bomb bay could hold 3x 250kg bombs.

Furthermore, the SC and SD 500kg were a specific R-model aswell.

the /Rs aren’t specific models, they’re essentially a field modification kit to be added or removed by the airfield mechanics depending on the mission

In some cases in War Thunder i believe /Rs are interpreted as models.

For example FW190s. But ive sent a PM to figure out whats the case for the He 115

Edit: /Rs are not, i was mistaken. The only /R specific vehicle would be the Me 410 B-6/R3


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See if there is anything in here (pdf):

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What a book!


Further info about the 5x 250kg loadout


Possibility to mount two torpedoes on the C (page 44)

huh worthy a bug report?

Would probably be nice to have another source which claims the same