Hacker Clan RZST

all members of clan RZST need to be banned not only do they use aimbot in this game they were proven to use hacks/cheats in World of tanks and Ground War Tanks(before wot sued and shut them down)

Honestly its useless to come to the forums to say anything about hackers. People will just defend saying " ive gotten lucky shots before" or " it may look like it on the death cam but they hit a possible shot and can give the appearance of hacking" Ive been running into hackers more and watch server replays when that happens, but after making a post about it and people basically saying i was lying i gave up on reporting people. Let them hack and kill the game, because all the response this community will give is “skill issue”


ive gotten lucky shots before

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ive gotten lucky shots before

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You need to prove it. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been called a hacker or my mates have. I know someone who thinks everyone who kills them is a hacker and rages hard about it every time (I can’t stand it). I’m not saying you are any of these people but I am saying just calling someone a hacker doesn’t make it so. Provide evidence, but be careful with names. Naming a supposed hacker is against game rules.

If you gonna say it on forums it is going to get ignored. Go report and provide proof to there support team via a ticket and a long lengthy video that fully breaks down the history behind there infamous reputation.

I know the Clan he talking about very prolific cheaters in other games especially War Gaming games wows wot but cant say ive seen them in War Thunder .Wouldnt surprise me one bit if they bring there old habits here

Yea Ive experianced them in world of tanks and sime in warthunder, some of them do hack. They also bot the crap out of naval its a big problem.

That’s a weird way of saying ‘ive gotten lucky shots before’

Just report suspects via the Replay Feature on the main page