Glad the f15 and su27 are here. but why is the su27 so much better?

I rarely complain and love war thunder but ever since the f16 and mig 29 i have been quite disappointed. The f16c was very disappointing because gaijin couldn’t even give aim7mh’s to it but the mig 29 got the r27ers which it didn’t get until the 90s. Then gaijin in adds the f15A which the one modeled in game didnt exist but gaijin loves making america suck. The su27 is better than the f15 in every way. Aim7ms are garbage, i have more success with r24r’s.


Because they hate America its always gunna be a HEAVY russian bias god forbid they admit the real f15 would smoke them everyday of the week. watch eventually well get an f22 that loses to gen 4 flanker with ease.


F16C was the meta until this update


The SU-27 dogfights better, it was simply just what the design was optimised for (although I’m sure someone will respond to me saying otherwise).

The issue is not in the flight models, it is in the weaponry, the F-15 had the weaponry it has now in 1982, meanwhile the SU-27 entered service in 1989-90 and received the new R27ER then. For reference the AMRAAM debuted the year later. Essentially the F-15 is using kit older than it really should be and that is why it doesn’t perform so well.

When the F-15C drops I expect it to be reworked and better however there’s no guarantee we don’t also see an upgraded SU-27 or Mig-29.

As far as I am aware they preform very similar in a dogfight. SU27 has an advantage in the 1 turn fight and the F15 in the 2 turn fight. I wouldn’t say one is beter then the other in a dogfight, but rather both have advantages and disadvantages. I mean saying that the F15 isn’t more optimised for dogfighting wouldn’t support the fact that the whole F-X program was changed because of the realisation that the dogfighting era was still very much present after the F-4 losses in Vietnam. Also the Mig-25 introduction triggerd massive alarmas because it suggested high manoeuvrability and dogfighting capabilities.

Of course you can say that this doesn’t mean they succeeded in creating a dogfighter but I think it helps and understand the design choices made for this aicraft. Dogfighting and close range combat was very much a requirement.

Google it and look at the year of intro! They have 10 years difference! This only is a fucking bias!