'Ghost' planes in AB battles

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Ok? then why not file a bug report with snapshots of such issue.


because filing a bug report is a major pain in the ass.

if this issue bothers you more than writing the report you should do it yourself
else no one else seems really to care about that issue

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The by all means expect it to never be fixed.

I’ve seen the bug fairly often - the aircraft are identifiable because they do not have a player ID.

I find it to be no inconvenience.

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you would if all you played is tanks.
try spaa, see how serene and zen like they make you then.

lol - I’ve got thousands of games in tanks - i see this all the time - it is never an actual problem because you know the plane is not doing anything and just a minor artifact.

WTF would you panic about a pointless plane that you know is no threat ffs?

sounds like you need to lower your anxiety levels a bit!

its about how it affects mental tracking and perception, i forget its there, check the minimap and lo! there is a plane headed my direction.
its pretty fkn confusing when there are 4 other planes in the sky, ya know?