Get rid off amraam or change the multipathing back

and who gave you any right to dictate how I play?

The missile that knows where it is and knows where you’re going.

It doesnt the Tornado F.3 Radar is the most advanced and until the fox 3 patch the best Radar ingame.

not if I turn 90 degrees and gun it

Unless it is a r-27er. From my experience they are way harder to chaff than any fox-3 or fox-1.

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In datamines R-27 have more “power” value

What is the power value?

Idk, but maybe it’s about how good missile seeks CW signal

Haven’t seen each other yet, but gotta love those amraams
now whatever team got the most amraams wins, yep totally fair and balanced

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Soviets still didnt know how to use R-77 on Wt altitudes and maps…

I don’t really use the R-77 as a long range or even a medium range weapon anymore
thing is so trash it can’t catch up to enemies more than 4km and going away
like, for now i use the 27ET as my medium range weapon instead
with 4 R77 to spam in close range, and god forbid you radar not shitting itself and not locking anything

like for me, i use the R-77 like this, an R-73 with extra range, higher minimum range, and the extra step of locking a target

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R-77 can be medium range, but only on High alt, that rare in wt.
Soviets didnt made really good fighter, capable of fly fast and high.(Yes, MiG-25 exist, but lacks of Fighter capabilites, more like just a interceptor.)
Su-27 even havent his limits of speed in game, but still bad.
MiG-29 lacks of fuel.

it isn’t even about mig-29 lack of fuel
it got plenty
the problem is that it turns like a bus in high alt
i would argue that grippen, f16 and such
can do a ful 180 2 times faster

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To save speed you nees sustain really low overloads, like 1-3G
And in result of that - F-16/Gripen need to do the same, if they want to save speed

Aint nobody trying to dictate how you play, we just telling you what you should do to dodge a missile if you lack the skill to move your mouse anywhere else than straight into the ground or up into the air, your choice to follow it or nah 😭


I do know how to dodge an amram: put the msl indicator on your rwr 90 degrees and gun it with chaff

Then whats the problem?

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