German MiG-29 R-27ER for R-73

  • Trade R-27ER for R-73
  • Keep the R-27ER

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As the post says, given the R-73 being introduced I think it is time to replace the R-27ER with the R-73

  1. The German MiG-29s never used the R-27ER
  2. The R-73 fits the MiG-29s role as a light fighter better

I am also interested in peoples thoughts about the Russian MiG-29 losing its R-27ER in exchange for the R-73!

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It would be historically accurate also. German 9-12A avionics never was able use R-27ER. But also remove R-27T for same reason.


I think both the baseline R-27R/T were available to the East German Air Force. The R-27ER/ET being both too few in number before the wall fell, as well as reserved for the VKS exclusively.


First plane to get 27T was MiG-29S and after it russian migs were retrofited to be able to use it, same as “energy” R-27. You can’t use whatever R-27 you want just cos you want. The plane avionics have to know about this missile, to be able recognise it, show a sign of the presence of misisle and calculate launch parameters.


If it wasnt possible then I have no issue with it being removed.

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Trade the R-27ER for the R-73. The same goes for the Russian model.

This way it’s more historically accurate (even though at the expense of a really good BVR missile) and they get the IR missile of their generation.

If we’re to go down the historical accuracy route further then the German one would lose its R-27T as well.


That’s just not possible since the R-27T was introduced into service before the MiG-29S.

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I agree with both, having R-27ERs should be left to higher BR jets, given how uniquely capable it is.

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From “introducing” and inclusion in the composition of weapons there can be huge amount of time. You can just open one of the MiG-29 manual that includes description of 29S(SE, SD).

so were the German 9.12As according to the Luftwaffe

whats this a competent thought from a war thunder player joke but 100% if the Netz can’t get bvr with 40g non thrust vectoring missle then why can the mig 29

because its a new update and the upper performance limits of jets will be raised once again

Frankly the upper peformance of jets stays the same as far as flight models go. Both the SMT/16C have slightly worse FMs than their lighter brethren. Its the missile capabilites that are taking another leap.


Option 3: Keep ER, get R-73 and move to 12.3 along with SMT.

I’d like to have that.

I don’t really care if the r27er gets removed because Germany never used the r23t, r24t, r27t, nor r27er and none of those are going to be removed either. If anything just give the yak141, 9.13 and 9.12a r73 and r27et since historical accuracy is already is already out the window. At least r73 is historical. If historical accuracy cant be achieved at least give us the r73 you promised back in January.

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Agreed, but it should get the 73 in exchange.

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MiG-29(9-12)_968 IAP_ROSS_1985 year…aircraft produced in 1984-1985…
The R-27T rocket has been in serial production since 1983…



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