German Battleships randomly explode still

Maths isn’t your strongpoint and painting pretty pictures is not sources. There’s a good reason there are no combat reports where enemy fleets were spotted at the ridiculous ranges your abacus comes up with.

Try Norie’s nautical tables.

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Sigh look it up yourself: Earth Curve Calculator

Or geogebra one done by myself: GeoGebra Classic - GeoGebra

If you dont believe the data about the heigh of the Fuso tower here is proof:

Fuso pagoda height

Fuso pagoda

As for the ilustration here is proof that ships are indeed sunken by 11.3 metres.



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All German BBs/BCs apart from Scharnhorst and, to a lesser extent, Bayern regularily face opponents that can lolpen their ammo-protecting armour, but most BBs and BCs in game are susceptible to getting ammo racked. There are only a few where it isn’t the main method of dispatching them, and none are completely immune to this.


So… This thing you didn’t know about till I mentioned it, and I’ve provided a source which has been a trusted one for aeons, which disagrees with your maths, which I know you can’t do from previous conversations but oddly does to countless action reports, ships logs and common sense…

Somehow seems like WT in a nutshell.

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How does your source conflict with what I said? From what I have seen it is perfectly in line with what I was saying.

How is my math wrong? Go on show me error.

Also what is the thing I didn’t know about?

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Norie is simply wrong, the formula is giving wrong numbers - source NASA Distance to the Horizon

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