German and Hungarian KF-41

Where did I say that?

yeah i know i have every italian vehicle except fort he freccia

Clearing quotes from RUS dev stream.
Yes, Vyacheslav said “This is export version. Bundeswehr never used it. Hungary was starting/initial customer”

And in 40:54 somebody off the screen ask something in addition which resulted in “For PUMA… for German version there’s probably going to be seperate generation of PUMA, with bit higher BR and with Spikes, later.”. Which kinda answers your question.

Anyway. I like what Italy have their own dedicated mechanic to play around. I hope it will bring more players into Italian tech tree.


Which will be added in 3 years, like the top German tank. Well no, enough

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By the logic gaijin applies to the KF41, they would have to remove a whole lot of vehicles across all tech trees. None of the prototypes were ever in active service/acquired by the military (would be really nice to see the 2s38 being removed…), none of the paper vehicles were ever build and let’s not get started with the demonstrators we’ve got in the game (AHS, Mi-28A, F-16AJ…). In this very update, there will be new vehicles, that were never used of the respected nation they are placed in.

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what about the g.91 r/3 Italian design Italian made only added to germany?

Gaijin never excluded a italian g91/r3 (there is even a suggestion) but they excluded the kf41 for germany


Than it should be in the Italian tree as well. Did you expect another response if me?

Let me add something to my previous comment.

There is still some difference between the g91 r3 not being in the Italian tree and the kf41 not coming to the German. The Italian tree has multiple variants of the g91 in its tree, but Germany isn’t getting even a different variant of the kf41.

Another thing is, Germany and Israel did develope the spike missiles and even have them in use in their army, yet none are present in their tree. Italy/Hungary now gets its second vehicle with spikes, while being just a customer. It’s like Japan would get the AIM120 several updates before America, how would the American player base react to that? Right, hell would be loose…


A dedicated mechanic that doesn’t even work half the time. the SPIKE-MR missiles are horrible right now, you can’t use them at close range, you need a full silhouette to fire them, and if the missile loses tracking for a moment, (and it does this A LOT) they explode. It’s a very bad “dedicated mechanic”