German 6.3 to 6.7 Help please

can someone please tell how to survive as a german faction at 6.3. to 6.7 and even 8.0 im trying do hard to but keep getting fucked over. like how to survive. i just lost 20,000 lions playing 2 games and no kills. Help please

Hello, 6.3/6.7:
You’ve got tanks with very good guns and pretty decent armor.
Stay in the 2nd line, and support your team with medium-long-range fire (800-1600m).

There are far worse Br/nation combos…lots of them. Germany has King Tiger, Jagdpanther and M41 at this BR…some other nations would “kill” for those options :)

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If you are not 6.7, say 7.3 or 7.7, then use the Bulldog or Kanonenjagdpanzer with their APDS/HEAT. If you are at 6.7, just wreck shit with the 8.8cm. Also, keep some distance. German tanks are big and easy to hit. Keep the 5cm Puma in the lineup and add ME262 or Ta152 for CAS options if you can. Don’t overextend and keep at least on of your sides covered by building or terrain. Stay alert and keep eye and ear open for enemy light tanks. Always use smoke whereever you can and stay out of enemy spotting MG fire. Keep the sky in mind. Planes may spawn only a few minutes into the game. If they do, consider not to cap for a bit, until they are out of bombs, so you don’t just die on a cap anyway.

Dunno, feels like you can apply all of this to any nation, but here is my suggestion.

Sounds like you are still on the lower end of the learning curve with this game. Germany has a pretty solid line up. Trick I found was take the time to really play a new tank and I don’t mean just long enough to grind all the modules.

Means staying at one BR for a while but you will get better at handling the machines and learning where to hit the other guy.

I find their playstyles to be very br dependant. In downtiers, you can play a bit more agressive. In uptiers, try more of an ambusher approach.