Gepard Op for 8.3?

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It should be 8.7


a buhuhuh cry me a river. There is like multiple diferent gepard like spaas in japan, uk (it even has 2 of them), china, sweden.

Stop calling out the gepard alone when there is multiple tanks of that kind at the exact same br and you are only hating on the gepard specialy for the sake of hating it seriously.
And at least take 2s to look up if a thread about the topic already exists


I think all SPAA using the Oerlikon 35mm (and it’s derivatives) should be 8.7 at the very least.


i mean, ok that is discuseable.
I am just purely annoyed its always only the gepard being called out as if the other dont exist


Yeah, I agree.

I think it’s due to how iconic it is. People see the turret and the twin 35s and think “oh Gepard”, but most of the time it’s actually one of the other AA vehicles.


i guess its always called out because of how agile it is, like the ZA-35 compared to the other ones at that br

But spaa at that br can be terrifying, all of them at most have good anti-tank capabilities

funnily enough another guy praised the ZA-35 and calls it its favourite other all the other in the other thread because its as agile.
But thats the funny thing the gepard isnt the best for speed either.
They pretty much all come to the same since in the end its about the positioning

definitly, even russian ZSU in my mind are way more iconic tank destroyers then the german gepard


The gep and other 35mm SPAA are not even particularly strong against aircraft. The M163 and ZSU-23-4 both have around triple the fire rate at lower BRs, if you’re complaining about SPAA being too strong against aircraft complain about those. What makes the 35mm strong is its effectiveness against tanks.

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I’ve never really seen the Gepard as Agile. It’s comparatively slow to other vehicles in the 8.0-9.0 range tbh

all radar SPAA should be significantly higher than they currently are, the gepard is cancer to fight, I’ve killed T80s and T90s in the marksman with HE belts they are that ridiculous

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Um… I take it you’ve never played the M163.

It looks and sounds more dangerous than it really is. Unlike the Gepard it has no search radar, the track radar is awful, the 20mm rounds lose speed very quicky over distance, and if you manage to hit you’ll do very little damage.

For the M163 to hit an aircraft it basically has to be within 1km while flying slowly and predictably.

Meanwhile, if you’re in an aircraft within 3 km of the battlefield and you make the mistake of flying in a straight line for longer than 2 seconds, a Gepard will reach out and slap you out of the sky.


I highly recommend shooting the gepard since it is almost impossible to miss the ammo and they are typically free kills if you are in anything other than a light tank.


“No I’m not the problem it’s everyone else is a problem” ahh type of argument. Also more topics is good. More topics = higher chance Gaijin will nerf this thing

Nobody complains about it being strong against aircrafts lmao. I specifically stated it in the op post

Gepard, Type 87, Chieftain Marksman, ItPsv, PGZ09, ZA-35 all use the same autocannon.

Why only mention one of these? Of course the german tree is the most played out of all of these, so you’ll see more Gepards than the others.

You’re acutally right I’ve met other vehicles you’ve mentioned with the same result for me. Obviously what needed to be done is a nerf of their ammo against medium and heavy tanks. The rest of issues can stay. But yeah for some reason I get shot by Gepard alot and by others occasionally

No not realy, thats not how it works, specialy if it is lack of skill of player parts.
Only needs to annoyed people and the thread either getting locked or merged because it is against forum rules

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Well for now I see only you to be annoyed and a lot of people are actually agreeing about the issue. So maybe just maybe the issue exists and it’s not about “lol skill issue”?

Again, Gepard is played a lot more, probably more than all the others combined. I don’t get shot by Gepards that much and they’re always an easy kill - any shot center mass either kills at least 2 of its 3 crew or detonates the ammo.

Have you ever played the Gepard?

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